Seahawks Post-Game Quotes

Quotes from Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander, Leonard Weaver, Maurice Morris, Chris Gray, Nate Burleson, Kelly Jennings and Lofa Tatupu following the Seahawks' 28-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field.

QB Matt Hasselbeck

On the play of LB Lofa Tatupu:

"He's great. He's doing a great job. [Head coach Mike Holmgren] could use him at fullback if he wants. [Tatupu] did a nice job today."

On the weather conditions and its impact on the field:

"Obviously the footwork was tough. The field is very soft, and it looked like it was newly laid sod. I would say the footing was tough, but [I've] seen worse. It looked sloppy. It wasn't necessarily that cold or that wet, but it was muddy; especially in the middle of the field, the paint got on the ball pretty good, got on your hands pretty good. But I'm happy with how we handled it. We had a backup Center [Chris Spencer] in there who has not taken many snaps at all at center. We didn't fumble any of those exchanges, which is nice. I thought for the most part our ball handling was good, and to limit the turnovers like we did on a day like today. I know we had a couple, but I'm actually happy with how that went down."

On the offensive rhythm in the first half:

"Field position was huge. I think that's probably the biggest thing, when you have to go short field as an offense it's just night and day, it's just so much easier. We've had games this year where we've started backed up a lot, and it's tough, it's just tough to do. And to ask your defense to play on a short field is equally tough. So field position was huge. Obviously the turnovers that we did get and the return yardage was big, and we found a way to get it in the endzone."

On his nerves while watching the defense attempt to make a final stand and preserve the win:

"It's tough. I probably was more nervous seeing [RB] Brian Westbrook out there returning the punt. He's just a great player. I'm just real excited for him, the kind of career that he's having, coming into this league the way he did, out of Villanova, he's just one of the great players in the game, and as soon as he caught the ball I think everyone said, ‘[Gasping] This is dangerous.' And he was dangerous, and it was a great play by [LB] Kevin Bentley and [P Ryan] Plackemeier to get [Westbrook] out of bounds, and then our defense really did the rest."

On winning back-to-back road games:

"It's always tough. We knew that it was going to be tough coming into this stadium and playing well against these guys. As you look around the league, and for me as I prepare to go into games, this is a great coaching staff that they have here in Philadelphia, not only with their head coach [Andy Reid], but their defensive coordinator [Jim Johnson]. I've gotten a chance to spend some time with even some of their position coaches. These guys know what they're doing, and they're tough to prepare for, and they've got a lot of pride on their team, as well, and great leadership. Whenever [FS] Brian Dawkins is on the field, it's tough. It was a tough game for our team. We were as focused on this game as any game we've been in, and we knew that it was going to be a tough game, and it was. And their record didn't feel like whatever they are, 5-7 maybe; it didn't feel like we were playing a 5-7 team."

On the momentum this team has as a result of its four-game win streak:

"Obviously every time you win a game, [head coach] Mike Holmgren just gave us a victory Monday, ‘See you Wednesday.' Everyone's feeling good. Everyone will come in anyway, Monday and Tuesday, get workouts in, lift, [get] treatment, watch film, just like we would if we had lost. But it's different knowing that you can do it on your own time, and just a good feeling when you win."

On the effectiveness of the running game, using multiple running backs:

"It was fine. That's what most people do. In Seattle, we're one of the teams that feature one guy, [RB Shaun Alexander], for a long time, and he's been very, very healthy, except for last year and this year. Then we've been forced to use a committee. We've got talented [running] backs. They all are very, very different. [FB] Leonard [Weaver] is very, very different; Mo [RB Maurice Morris] is different. Obviously Shaun [Alexander] is different. So, we've just got to keep doing it, keep using everybody and keep playing to each guy's strengths."

On what it meant to the offense to watch the defense's goal-line stand to end the first half:

"Huge, absolutely huge. Awesome by our defense, two weeks in a row. You have different coaches growing up, and the best term I've ever heard was, ‘It's like a fist fight in a phone booth.' And that's really what it was. Those guys up-front, the [DT] Craig Terrill's and the [DT Brandon] Mebane's and those guys did a great job. And our linebackers, obviously, our safeties are physical guys; huge, huge stand for us."

On the state of the team at this point in the season:

"Well, part of it has been injury. We lost both our starting receivers, our starting tight end, our starting tailback, our starting fullback; it's not normal. So I think we're getting back healthy. We also were able to weather the storm that way. Guys have stepped up; [FB] Leonard Weaver has stepped up for one of our all-time greats, [FB] Mack Strong, and he's playing great football. He's really improved each and every week. I think Mo [RB Maurice Morris] has played well. [TE] Will Heller has stepped up and played huge when [TE] Marcus Pollard was out. Guys have risen to the occasion. There's still room to grow, and hopefully we can win some games that aren't so close."

On the similarities to the 2005 season when the team made it to the Super Bowl:

"That was a special year. Everything was going well for us. It was almost too easy. I don't know if I was ever in the training room one time after week one. That season, I think we won that game [against Philadelphia] 42-0, [and] I barely played in the second half. To me, that season felt like what's going on in Dallas right now, what's going on in New England right now: things were just real easy. That's not the norm; you don't normally get all the bounces going your way like that, and we did. This year's been a little tougher; not to say that we can't reach our goals, but we've had to fight for stuff, we've had injuries, we've had to overcome some [challenges]. We had two games this year that we easily should have won, and we didn't. We didn't execute the way we needed to at the end, and gave two games away. That's just the situation that we're in, and fortunately for us we're still in the hunt."

On what he's learned about this team after the last two wins:

"I think it's important for us to play well on the road, on the East Coast, [in] that early game. That's not something that we've done well here for whatever reason, and that's something that's important. The last two games we played, in pretty much that same situation, in the early game, and we've come out with wins; that is kind of new for us."

RB Shaun Alexander

On scoring a touchdown in the first series in his first game back from injury:

"It's been a long time, so it's exciting. I was telling all the boys before the game started, ‘You don't know how much you miss playing,' let alone touchdowns or whatever. Just being with the boys and giving everything you've got out there, it was just a good feeling. It wasn't even about the touchdown, it really wasn't. I was just excited to be there. If you just go back a week, I'm calling [QB] Matt [Hasselbeck] right after the game's over, and I'm asking, ‘Is he ok?' I was sweating bullets the whole game with them when they were in St. Louis, and it was good to just be a part of the guys, and go out there and just do my part. It was exciting."

On whether he got into more of a rhythm when he had more touches in the second half:

"With our gameplan, it was really simple: everybody just make plays. In our years in the past, it's always been, ‘Get Shaun into a rhythm.' So I wasn't really looking to get into a rhythm. I was just going to go out there and take every play for itself, and play hard, and whatever happens, happens. And we won. So it's just a good feeling to be back, and to know that it went well."

On whether it was difficult to share carries:

"No, it really isn't. I've always been a person that, whatever our team needs to win, then I'm going to really dive all into that. And there was a time where, we [had a] big offensive line, big fullback, we get in there and we smash people, and I get to carry the ball. And now our gameplan has changed, and we're winning this way. So for me, it's all about winning, and I like this."

On the importance of a game like this for momentum at this stage of the season:

"Momentum is everything. Last time we were here, our momentum was so strong, it was just amazing. Everything we did seemed to work a couple years ago. This year it's been a fight. So for the ball to bounce our way, the defense to stand up and have back-to-back games with goal-line stands. We smile, but at the same time, we start to build a little confidence in that when games get closer at the end, we're going to be built to find a way. And that's what you want: to be able to find a way to win at the end."

On the offense taking advantage of turnovers and coming up with big plays when necessary:

"We've got a great quarterback; we've got big-play receivers. At any time, our guys can strike and make things happen. [WR] Nate [Burleson] makes that big catch down there and scores [to make it 21-10 early in the 2nd quarter], and we're excited again. We have a good situation. We've got to fine-tune some things, but for where we are right now, we're really excited."

On conversations he has had with RB Maurice Morris:

"We've been talking since '04. We've always felt like we were a great tandem. I think that just a lot of times, because I was the one scoring the touchdowns, people would overlook some of the good things that Mo [Maurice Morris] did. And now, here we are in a situation where I've been hurt the last couple years, and Mo has been playing great, and now Mo is getting the credit that he deserves. He's a great player. I was one of those people that, when his contract was up, I was like, ‘Mo, you're not allowed to leave.' So, I'm probably cheering for Mo harder than anybody on this team because he's a great person, and he's a great player. We have a lot of fun together. Him breaking that long run, I thought I was going to get a flag for getting into the endzone before the play was over. I expect a lot of him and I think the world has just not seen how talented he is."

On the performance of the offensive line with the injuries that have ravaged that unit:

"I'm proud of the guys. That's the thing that we've been doing; guys have gone down and other people are stepping up and they're fighting until the end. We lose [OT] Walt [Jones] at one time, we lose [C Chris Spencer] Spence, and we have to switch centers and move guards around. That is a perfect time for you to panic and start making excuses. And this team, no matter what's gone on, we haven't been a team of excuses. We've taken some lumps, and we just get back up and keep on fighting. I like the spirit of a team like that, because you never know what happens at the end. If you just keep on fighting, the ball bounces your way, you look up and you're really excited for where you are."

On how his injured wrist feels after playing a full game:

"Yeah, I got to use my wrist a little more. It healed a little bit; it's not completely healed, but it's definitely feeling better. But at the same time, this is football, no one's really healthy. I've got Mo there. I know Mo plays with everything he's got. I said, ‘Alright, Mo, I'm just going to go hard and we're going to tag-team this thing.' Mo, as quiet as he always is, is giving me the nod. We played well today."

On his ability to carry the ball in his left hand despite the injured wrist:

"Oh yeah, I can, it just depends on what cast I wear. But, in games like this, you don't ever want to risk anything, so I kept it in the right [hand] the majority of the game."

On his meeting during the past week with head coach Mike Holmgren about sharing carries with Morris:

"[It went] good. I used to be the one to tell Mo, ‘Ok, Mo, I'm going to get you some more carries,' because [the coaches] would kind of put it on my shoulders. As I was saying earlier, Mo's a talented player, and we have a great relationship and it's always been really open. So, I think that I probably cheer harder for Mo than just about anybody on our team, because he's a great player, and he's starting to get some rightful credit that he deserves."      

FB Leonard Weaver           

On whether the weather was a factor in the game:

"We had to approach today just as if it were any other game.  You know that you are going to have to change shoes and do things a little different.  Most importantly though

I think we showed up to play and the weather did not bother us."

On whether the offense focused on not making any turnovers in the game:

"I think, in the reverse, we were able to get great field position on most of the interceptions that we had.  On the interceptions by Lofa [Tatupu], I think that we were able to get points off of all of the interceptions. Any time that the defense can get some big plays and give the offense great field position, it does so much for the offense."

On his play today blocking for the running backs:

"It was just another day at the office for me.  The Eagles are a tough team and this was a very hard fought game.  We were able to come out on the winning side of this game and it was a blessing."

On the exceptional play of the running backs and wide receivers:

"I think with Shaun [Alexander] coming back it is going to make many more options for us in the games.  Teams are going to have to prepare differently for the different looks we will show them."

RB Maurice Morris

On what occurred on his touchdown run:

"We called the play to the left side and the fullback did a great job of blocking.  The line also blocked great and I just needed to make one guy miss and it was off to the races."

On if he minds sharing the ball with RB Shaun [Alexander]:

"I am a team player and whatever it takes to win games, I am all for it."

On whether he was nervous on KR Brian [Westbrook's] kick return at the end of the game: 

"Westbrook is a great player and many things can happen when it is in his hands.  He made a great return and almost was able to wrap the game up for them."

On how he has enjoyed being the key running back the last four weeks:

"It is always a good feeling when you can get the ball a lot and see what you can do.  As long as we can win and I can do my part, I am happy."

G Chris Gray

On how it feels to win such a key game:

"We have been in this position before where we had to win a big game. Last week we were in the same spot where the defense had their backs against the goal line and we came up with the play.  It happened again today and it seems like we like to make the games interesting lately."

On why he ended up playing center today:

"Chris [Spencer] got banged up a little during the game and I was asked to go in and play."

On how it felt to come to the East Coast and get a win:

"It felt great to get the win and anytime you get one in any game in the NFL it is great.  It feels good to come back to the East Coast and show ourselves that we can win on the road. Our record is good right now, but we still have four more games to go."

On playing in his fifteenth season and how much more he has in the tank:

"I just take it year to year and evaluate it after every season on how my body feels. I have just learned to truly see how I feel and just go from there."

WR Nate Burleson

On how it feels to be in the return game:

"When I am asked to be back on return I go out there and just try and make a play. I was able to get a decent return in the game and I saw the sidelines one time but then the Eagles punter made a nice play to force me to the sidelines. That was almost a huge play for us."

On the play that enabled him to score a touchdown:

"The call came in from Coach [Mike Holmgren] and it called for me to get the ball on a big play or a pass to WR Bobby [Engram] across the middle.  I had the ball thrown to me and I braced to be hit and turned around and there was nobody there. I saw WR Deion [Branch] coming downhill and I knew that if I needed to get a block he was there.  I found the sidelines and was able to take the ball in for a touchdown."

On whether if he suspected their passing game to be so effective:

"We have such a good receiving core and QB Matt Hasslebeck is there and it is just time for us to get going.  It is December now and we have to make things happen.  We are not totally where we need to be by any means but we are making some great strides.  I think on offense we are playing good but we have to keep it going. We have to learn to be more consistent because I do think we were a little up and down. We did make some big catches and then it seemed that we just leveled off."

On the balance of all the receivers getting catches in the game:

"I truly think that we have a lot of weapons on offense.  I think if we are versatile with our receiving core it will be tough for teams to defense us.  If only one receiver is making all the catches then all you have to do is stop that person.  But when all the guys are making catches, then it can make it tough on defense."

T/G Floyd Womack

On how the offensive line reacted to the shifting during the whole game:

"It is my job as the sixth man around here to go where I am asked to play.  You have to be ready when guys get banged up to have your number called.  I am glad that I got some time today and it is nice when the starters go down that we can help as backups to get the job done. We knew what we had to do on the line to win and we were able to do it today."

On how difficult it can be to go from left guard to right guard:

"It can be difficult, but I have been doing it for a while so I know what to expect. You have to react a little differently from the left side to the right. We moved around a little on the line, but we did come out with the win."

On if he was happy with the way the running backs ran the ball:

"I think that we really did run the ball well today and it seems that when called on everyone really did there jobs today."

CB Kelly Jennings

On his growing confidence:

"It's coming together for me.  I'm feeling really good about what I'm doing, what's going on.  I still have a lot of improving to do.  I'm getting more comfortable and not as figgitty as I used to be.  It's starting to come together for me."

On whether he felt other teams were throwing his way:

"I always look at it that way.  I always go into a game thinking they are going to go away from [CB Marcus] Tru[fant] because he's a great corner doing some things and I've got to step up and try to make some plays and I was fortunate enough to do it on that last play."

On being called undersized:

"I get a lot of that being undersized but I look at it this way - I might be undersized, but I'm quicker than most of the bigger guys.  I can always try to get that little edge of where I need to be in time."

MLB Lofa Tatupu

On having a good day after missing practice this week:

"Not bad, I missed a tackle though.  Westbrook is a special guy and we pretty much held him in check and for the most part.  He had some nice runs. Buckhalter is a fine running back too.  When they put him (Westbrook) back there as a returner I kind of worried.  Kevin Bentley made a game saving tackle, really.  That was the play that saved the game."

On whether he felt the best he ever had:

"Actually no.  I'm a little sick right now.  I felt better but we played a full game.  In the first half, far too many points but I think the big swing was when we had the goal line stand.  They came together and put another nice drive together.  We regrouped and finished strong."

On his last interception:

"They, in our terminology sent four strong.  One came back underneath and I had to release to three.  Three was Westbrook and I wasn't going to get far from him.  Just as fate would have it, I wound up in the throwing lane." 

On whether this was his best game:

"Maybe statistically but I missed some assignments out there, so little things that the average fan won't see  So, I've had better games assignment wise but I was lucky to make plays." Top Stories