Seahawks schooled in 37 to 20 loss to Rams


Sunday's game between the Saint Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks looked like an ugly confrontation between an unprepared upstart rookie boxer challenging the champion.

 To be blunt it was a beat down. A trip to the woodshed. 

The football world had pretty much written off the Defending NFC champs for dead after losing their starting two quarterback and an 0-5 start.

The  (1-5) Rams looked vulnerable and beatable to the Seattle Seahawks who were coming off a 28 to 21 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. A game the Seahawks felt they let slip away.

 The game against the Rams was the Seahawks chance to put it all together. Offense, defense, special teams and four quarters of solid football.

A chance to knock out the champ while he is on the ropes gasping for air.

The end result was the same old story for the Seahawks

 One step forward two steps backwards.

Seahawk wide receiver Koren Robinson had the breakout game everyone has been waiting for.

Robinson had three catches for 166 yards and one touchdown.

Maurice Morris returned a kickoff 97 yard for a touchdown and the Seahawks once again went into the locker room with a lead, 14 to 13.

It would have been great for the Seahawks if they could have stopped the game right there.

Not a chance.  Football games are at least four quarters long.

The Saint Louis Rams were down but not out.  Ram running back Marshall Faulk decided it was time to show the Seahawks and the rest of the league how to carry a team on your shoulders.

Faulk scored three second half touchdowns and finished the day with 183yards rushing and four touchdowns.  "He's like Superman out there. I'm just glad he's on our side," said Ram quarterback Marc Belger when asked about Marshal Faulk.

"You've got to make adjustments in this business," said Faulk, who became the 15th NFL player with 10,000 yards rushing. "The teams that make the adjustments the quickest succeed, and they have success a lot longer."

For the Seahawks, those adjustments have to be made between the first and second half.

The Seahawks were outscored 24 to 6 in the second half by the Rams. Overall the Seahawks have been outscored 85 to 29 by their opponents in the second half.  


"We're going through a bit of a learning curve," Holmgren said. "When you get knocked down, you've got to get back up. When it all clicks, it'll be a wonderful thing."

One person who got knocked down was Seahawk Quarterback Trent Dilfer. .

Dilfer was 8 for 25 for 232 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions when he left the game after a helmet-to-helmet hit by Ram defender Adam Archuleta on a 2-point conversion try.

Back up quarterback Matt Hasselback finished the game.

"There is nothing broken like my pride is," Dilfer said. "I got banged around pretty good, but that is how it goes."

 Seahawk defensive end Chad Eaton recovered a fumble for a touchdown to round out the Seahawks scoring.

Ram field goal kicker Jeff Wilkins kicked a 45 and a 47-yard field goal to round out the Rams scoring.

With the 37 to 20 loss the Seahawks record now stands at a dismal (1-5) while the Rams improve to (2-5). Top Stories