Seahawks-Falcons Podcast Preview

Once again, Seahawks.NET's Doug Farrar previews the Seahawks' upcoming opponent with Adam Caplan of and SIRIUS NFL Radio. This week, Doug and Adam talk about the Atlanta Falcons, whose season has been a nightmare from beginning to end. While the Seahawks look to finish with the second-best record of the Holmgren era, the Falcons are just marking time until the rebuilding.

Among the topics discussed this week:

In retrospect, Jim Mora’s statement on KJR that he’d give it all up to coach the Washington Huskies and Patrick Kerney’s decision to void the last two years of his Atlanta contract seem like prescient moves. But at the time, late last season, did people really know how bad it was going to be for Atlanta?

How much can team owner Arthur Blank be held responsible for those he has hired?

Did the chase after Bill Parcells leave team president Rich McKay as a "dead man walking"?

Will the Falcons go after Mike Singletary as their next head coach?

This team is almost completely decimated, but what are the building blocks for the future? Where can the Falcons be a threat? Is Michael Boley as underrated as I think he is? And can DeAngelo Hall live up to his hype?

Do the Falcons need to draft a high-ticket quarterback, or can Chris Redman take them through the rough times?

What can the Falcons do to finish off their abysmal season with an upset, or at the very least, some pride?

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