Seattle faces another must win situation

Every games has become a must win game for the 2-6 Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks find themselves facing a beatable 3-5 Arizona Cardinal squad. Here are five keys to a Seattle victory

1.Stop the run and force Arizona to pass the ball

The Seattle defense is allowing a league-high 173.5 yards per game on the ground and has been unable to stop the oppossing offense when the game is on the line.

Seattle Head Coach Mike Holmgren says he is disappointed by the play of his defense.

"I really anticipated our ability to play defense against the run and pass to be pretty fine this year," Holmgren said. "Early on, we didn't have John Randle and then we didn't have [Anthony] Simmons right away and I think we lost some confidence."

The Arizona running games has been solid and consistent all year.

The Zona offense has rushed for an average of 122 yards per game.

The Arizona receiving corps is another matter.

All-Pro wideout David Boston, who leads the team with 32 catches for 512 yards, is suffering from a partially torn tendon in his right knee. The team has lost the services of MarTay Jenskins and Bryan Gilmore.

2.Establish a running Game.

Seattle must establish a running game to keep the pressure off quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

"I think the top objective is to stop the run and shut down Alexander and force Hasselbeck to make all the throws and try to beat us that way," stated Arizona linebacker Rob Fredrickson. "We have been struggling with shutting down the run the last couple of weeks and we just need to get back to where we were. After watching the film and flushing that out of our system, we are fine and looking forward to getting back on the field to prove to ourselves that wasn't our defense out there last Sunday."

Arizona's defene has picked off 12 passes this season while allowing an average of 235 yard s per game.


3.Create some turnovers.

The Seahawks must become opportunistic by creating turnovers and capitalizing on them . The team has a total of six interceptions and 17 sacks. Seahawk conerbacks Shawn Springs and Kenny Lucas should find themselves in man to man coverage's setting the stage for a possible inteception or two.

4.Give quarterback Matt Hasseback some time and find a way to run block.

Although he Seattle offensive line has allowed just 15 sacks this season, the run block has been a major concern.The team is averaging just 84.6 yards per game on the ground.

Seattle Head Coach Mike Holmgren says the offensive line has been slow to develop.

"We have had 11 different combinations in the O-line since the beginning of the season," Holmgren said. "We lost [guard] Steve Hutchinson for eight weeks [with an injured leg]. He was a really good player. We are moving people around and it has just been an unusual year.The Arizona defense has been unable to get to the opposing teams quarterback.The Arizona defense has 12 sacks this year.

5.Find a way to win the close games.

The team needs to win the close games. Although Seattle has been in every game they have not mastered the science of winning the close ones.Head Coach Mike Holmgren says the inability to win the close games has begun to take it's toll.

"We're playing close football games and we're losing them, for whatever reason," head coach Mike Holmgren said. "The cumulative toll is starting to catch up with us."

Seattle needs to find a way to win some games before the season become a pile of if's. If we had executed better, if we could have run the ball better,if we could have played better defense,if we could have blocked better, if we could have score more and so on and so on. Top Stories