Ten to Watch on Day Two

With the first two rounds concluded, there's still a great deal of talent on the boards. Here are ten players to keep an eye on early Sunday morning, with exclusive scouting reports by Scout.com's Tom Marino!

1. Dan Connor, ILB, Penn State -- Is an experienced, aggressive, athlete with outstanding playing instincts. Loved his first step quicks, his key & diagnose and ability to get to the ball. I liked the way he effectively stepped up and met the lead and his tackling ability. Got depth on his spot drops, settled and moved to the ball. Good hands. The most talented Penn State LB in a quarter century. Some early off the field immaturity (pranks), but it's absolutely not a problem. Should factor quickly.

2. Jamaal Charles, RB, Texas -- A one cut guy with vision, good balance, top speed and a great burst. I liked the way he hit the hole, bounced it and got the corner and out ran second and third level defenders. Was not a big finisher inside (just wasn't very strong on contact and put the football on the ground far to0 frequently). Still developing (not a every down player at this time), but I really liked what I saw in this players game. Has run 10.26/100m.

3. Early Doucet, WR, LSU -- Skilled receiver with size, speed, quicks, body control & hands. Gets head around and in and out of a break well. Adequate RAC and instincts. Had problem with him running the in route from the left side (too much chopping). Can avoid the hold up effectively with both power & finesse releases. Will work away from the ball and contribute in the run game. Bottom of the 1st round top of the 2nd draft potential. Not a great one but has few holes. Anquan Boldin clone.

4. Reggie Smith, CB/FS, Oklahoma -- Showed smooth athletic movement, good feet & supple hips, but I didn't see a sudden explosive movement or close to the ball. A proto-type cover two corner or safety. Tough enough, but far from a head hunter. Injured toe late and didn't run at the Indy combine. Good zone awareness. Not as quick or fast as I had originally expected, but I liked his size, playing instincts, and ball skills. Return ability & teams play are a added plus.

5. Bryan Kehl, OLB, BYU -- Really liked this prospect's playing demeanor, athletic ability, range, playing instincts and most importantly his ability in pass coverage. Also showed blitz speed and the ability alter his course to the ball. Is quick to read and react. A leverage guy who needs to improve his point strength and explosiveness . Good ball skills and should factor quickly in nickel.

6. Cliff Avril, OLB, Purdue -- A 3-4 outside backer prospect who overall was somewhat disappointing. Got stuck on blocks and wasn't particularly effective in his movement away from the ball. More of a "Sam backer" prospect and nickel rusher. Did show some short area pop when meeting blocks and the ball carrier. Has some natural leverage. Looks to have strong contributing back up potential within the league.

7. Kevin O'Connell, QB, San Diego State -- Athletic big man. Has a big arm but was inconsistent with his accuracy and ball placement up to his senior year. Has come a long way in the past season, but I still needs work with his fundamentals. Has an awkward throwing delivery. Impressive movement for a big man and threw adequately on the move. Led State in rushing in 2007. Has a chance over time to develop into a good one.

8. John David Booty, QB, USC -- Does nothing to get you real excited as a player, but is an efficient serviceable quarterback. Has an adequate throwing arm, was an accurate short and intermediate passer. Can throw effectively on the move. Good decision maker who is getting the most out of his ability. Football smart. I would today view him as a back up player within the league who when called upon could potentially contribute.

9. Cody Wallace, C, Texas A&M -- Overachiever. Not a supple athlete, but is tough, experienced and durable. Had problems with people on his nose. Not strong at the point of attack. Just adequate contact balance. Tough, nasty individual. Journeyman player who has the potential to fill in at the OG spot. Problems with the bull rush. If he goes to a club that employs a zone blocking scheme (slide protection) could play a long time.

10. Corey Lynch, FS, Appalachian State -- Has excellent ball skills & instincts for the game. Very bright. Very physical tackler who will fill the lane. Has good playing range & anticipation. Experienced hand that keys the secondary. Limited only by his lack of top end speed, but ran well in pads. Very adept in zone coverage. Gets into the passing lanes & makes plays on the ball. Outstanding team's potential (has blocked numerous kicks in his career). The type of individual you want on your football club.

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