Breda Report: Flyovers

Qwest Field fly overs, Pro Bowler DUI's, Bobby's letter, jersey curses...The editor must be away. Yep. He's away.

Ah yes, the dog days of the off season is in full throttle. This Alaskan jet stream that has been aiming its bulls-eye directly at the Pacific Northwest since March has yet to loosen its grip. Crappy weather for the outdoor fan maybe, but perfect weather to surf the .NET.

So let's take a look around what's been the hot topic in Seahawk Nation as of late.

Engram's Disgruntled

Maybe disgruntled is a strong word for someone who has exemplified leadership, class, toughness and grace in his entire tenure in Seattle. Bobby Engram placed a letter on coach Mike Holmgren's desk before leaving team headquarters before the voluntary camps began.

Apparently, Bobby isn't all that excited about being paid the NFL's equivalent of nickels while coming off a season where he led the team in receptions with 94 (also a franchise record) and 1,147 yards.

With starter Deion Branch out with a knee injury, DJ Hackett preparing to wear a Panther on his helmet and Nate Burleson who most consider a better return specialist than a proven receiver, Bobby is currently slotted as Official Go-To Guy.

Both sides have their valid points. In the end, I side with Bobby. The Seahawks really should be paying Bobby more than they are. He's as clutch as they come in this league and he doesn't have the character issues that many in this league do. No, he's no spring chicken but if ever you open your wallet to honor past performance and a player's worth to their team as much as any future potential, now is that time. Bobby Engram has earned it.

Lofa Gets Nailed

The TV campaigns are clear: Drive hammered, get nailed. In a news story that is becoming all too common when it comes to celebrities, Lofa Tatupu was arrested early Saturday morning by Kirkland police for driving under the influence. His blood-alcohol registered .15 which is the technical designation for grab-ass happy.

Fans are predictably taking various positions ranging from disgusted to indifferent. The one common question that keeps being brought up when celebrities are busted for DUI is: Why, with all of their money, don't they hire a driver or take a cab? It's actually a very good question, but the answer is deceptively simple;

Because like you and me, they are human.

I have a good feeling that with Lofa, this will prove to be an isolated incident. Only time will tell of course, but you get the feeling that he takes his role as one of the team's leaders seriously and that he won't make this same mistake twice.

For Lofa and for Seahawks fans, let's at least hope so.

FSX Showcases Qwest Field

If any of you are flight enthusiasts, aviators and the like, you will already be familiar with Microsoft's excellent Flight Simulator software. Their latest version, Flight Simulator X explores terra firma to at times, ridiculously impressive degree. In high graphics mode, FSX showcases many famous buildings and landmarks, including NFL stadiums.

Seattle's Qwest Field is one of them. I like to perform fly-overs in various aircraft. Here's a couple screen captures of flying an F-18 Blue Angel over Qwest Field. Luckily it's spring time in FSX as well, so the stadium is empty, meaning no Seahawks fans had to be subjected to a pilot with absolutely no real-world flight training to speak of.

Players vs Jerseys: Which Gives Bad Luck?

Over the years, a die-hard is apt to amass quite a collection of player jerseys. Of course, it's the nature of the game for these players to come and go for various reasons. Yet, it does seem my luck with player jerseys isn't particularly good.

Allow me to offer Exhibit A. My past and current collection of Seahawks jerseys. Now you decide, is it the jersey I purchase which proves catastrophic to the player or is it the player who ultimately taints the jersey itself?

Shaun Alexander (Cut)
Bobby Engram (Current Contract Dispute)
Deion Branch (Knee Injury)
Ken Hamlin (Serious Head Trauma, then went to Cowboys, not sure which is worse)
Lofa Tatupu (DUI)

Hmm. Regardless, it's not a positive trend, that's for sure. Since I also own a Hasselbeck jersey, I'm considering burning it in some sort of reverse psychological move.

Well, that's all for now. Blame our editor's various and rigorous writing deadlines for coaxing me out of semi-retirement. See you in Qwest Field in 123 days. Don't worry, any Blue Angels that fly over are seasoned pilots, I promise.

Todd Breda is the owner of Seahawks.NET. When he's terribly busy not writing Breda Reports, you can find him either scanning the skies for UFOs, flying all kinds of things in FSX or perusing NET Nation where he's known as "Aros". Todd, like Matthew, is also bald. If you would like to contact Todd you can reach him here. Top Stories