Holmgren addresses media

Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Mike Holmgren talked to the media about winning, injuries and how to beat the Denver Broncos.


1.On keeping the momentum going after the 27 to 6 win over  Arizona  
"It is hugely important. After the Dallas game I thought we had the opportunity to do something like that, and then we didn't play up my expectations against Washington. Now, Denver is coming to town and we know they are a good football team. They are right in the thick of things in the AFC and it's going to be a tremendous challenge, but if we can get a couple wins together that would be huge for us."


2.(On  the teams improved play in the last month.)
"Well, I think there is a certain maturing process that takes place. Certainly this season with this team, and that's going to get nothing but better. I think you have to tip your hat to Matt Hasselbeck a little in the last three games. He has played pretty good at quarterback, he really has. I don't even begin to know and I don't even care about his quarterback rating because I think that's a little funky sometimes. But he's completing passes and he's not throwing interceptions and he's making the right play for the most part. You have to give him some credit for that, and then the young fellas and Bobby Engram. We moved Bobby back inside and he made some great plays yesterday that kept drives going. Also, Shaun Alexander's extra effort on the run in the goal line situation to get in by that much. It's a funny thing when things are rolling; football is very much a game of momentum. When it's going it just kind of goes and when it's not going it kind of stops. You have to keep that momentum going if at all possible."
(On how to beat Denver…) 
"Do it like Oakland did. I think you have to have the veteran quarterback. And then the receivers that they have. They did a wonderful job in the game. I think, now, that was one of those games with Rich Gannon where that might be- he was 34-for-38- he could have been 37-for-38 without stretching it. I mean, he had a couple dropped and one slipped out of his hand when guys were open. He could have had the game like nobody else. That doesn't happen too often. The stars were aligned and that was just different. But the fact is, Denver has played the rush very, very well. No one has run the ball on them. Initially it was a good plan. It made a lot of sense. Now, you have to have the people to execute it. They did a nice job in the game. But the interception that Woodson brought back to make it 10-0 had more to do with that game than people would think. That was a big, big play."

4.(On why they are so good against the run…) 
"They have, starting with Chester McGlockton, who I know a little bit and I've always liked, he's a load. Their front seven are really pretty good. Now, they have an injury to one of their really good players in the front seven, but they are pretty good. And their defensive front four disrupt your blocking scheme. And then their three linebackers are like 225-pound guys. They're not big bulky guys, but they are really athletic and can run and are strikers. And so, and then they're willing to bring a safety up. They're just good. They tackle well, they obviously take a lot of pride in their run defense, and they are disruptive. At times, they put their secondary, at times, in some vulnerable positions. But most teams won't go in and say, ok, we're not going to call a run for the middle three quarters of the game. No one thinks that way as a rule. You usually run. Oakland didn't do that."

5. (On the high number of injuries his team has suffered.)
"That's unusual, and Dave McGinnis and I talked about this before the game. Arizona is hurt, too. He made a comment that was quoted and I thought was pretty funny, it was to the affect of- "anyone who doesn't have injuries ought to light a candle and go to church," or something like that. We're all banged up a little, but this is a new one for us this season. But look it, we have won two of our last three in this situation, but it's a fact, we're playing with guys who haven't played much. But they are playing pretty well."

6. (On how close the offense is to becoming what he envisioned…)
"Well, I think we can play the game that way, I really do. I think we have played so many different combinations that we have lacked some continuity, but I think we condensed some things this last week that put Matt in a little bit of a comfort zone and I would not discount the contributions of Heath Evans, James Williams, Mo Morris and Floyd Womack, who probably had his best game of the year yesterday. You look at the combined ages of those guys and experience in the league and there's not a lot there, but they're coming. Then our ability to convert on third down, we did that a fair amount yesterday and I think we were over fifty percent, which is a good stat."

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