Holmgren press conference

The team managed just 51 rushing yards, kicked three field goals and had 204 total yards of offense. The defense gave up 401 yards of total offense to the Broncos. Here is what Head Coach Miek Holmgren had to say about his teams perfomance



1.  How his team played

 Well, we hung in there. We were outgunned today. We  hung in there for a while and battled them. I was very proud of the effort put forth by the defense, particularly early in the ball game—through the first half, actually through the first three quarters. But, it kind of caught up with us. Offensively, the thing that I thought would be important was important. We did not do a good job of pass protection, I didn't think in this game. I think that turned out to be one of the big things in the ball game.

2. On  the Broncos run defense

They're good against the run. They did what they did today against most teams they've played. We thought our best chance to move the football was throwing the ball, but we also thought the pass rush would bother us if we couldn't run the ball a little bit. So we tried, with not a lot of success, but we tried a little bit.

3. On the play of the young linebackers. 

They have to play more. They are who they are, and they're getting a chance to gain some experience in the fire. Every game they play should help them.

 4. On his team making mistakes.

We have to play better. We can't drop passes. We can't have penalties. We can't kick the ball out of bounds. We have to eliminate the types of mistakes we have control over, to battle against threes teams. Today was a good game for a fair amount of today. I didn't like how we ended the game. We got sloppy, and they got a touchdown at the end, and that bothered me as much as anything. You don't just go out there. You're always playing your always fighting, and  I didn't like how  that ended.


5. On the ability to make adjustments late in the second half
The third quarter, this season, has been our Achilles. We make our adjustments, we get the oranges, we drink the water, we do the same stuff the other team does. I think our defense was playing a little bit beyond themselves in the first half, and was jacked up, and then they caught us with a couple of plays in the second half and got that drive, right after we scored the long field goal. There's no easy answer for that. I know our preparation at halftime is proper, but sometimes the emotions of the game are funn

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