Holmgren weekly press conference

Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Mike Holmgren talked to the media about the Kansas City Chiefs offense, the return of wide receiver Darrell Jackson, and his plan for the teams last six games.


1.Will Darrell Jackson be back this week.
"I think so, he's going to practice all week and he practiced all week last week. It's been four weeks since the incident so we're just keeping our fingers crossed that he feels good on Sunday, and hopefully he plays."

2. What has to happen for him to play?
"I think he has passed all the tests, I think he passed most of those the second week. The extra two weeks was because they had never seen anything quite like this before. It could have been three or five, but they settled on four to give him some extra time. But as far as the tests go, I think he passed all of them after the second week."

3. Are the Chiefs a better team than their record shows.
" They're a good football team. They've played a number of close ball games. I think what you are is what you are. Now, every team…I could make a little case of had we done this, that and the next thing our record would be a little better, and I'm sure Dick could. Most teams can if they look hard enough. But they have a great running back, we know that. Their offense has been very, very productive and early in the season they were giving up a lot of points on defense and they seemed to have kind of come together nicely on defense and are playing pretty well right now."

 4. Does he plan on making dramatic changes in the last six games.
"I don't see us making dramatic changes personnel-wise, first of all. We have who we have. We get Anthony and Darrell back, perhaps, we get some of these guys back and maybe that gives us a spark. Matt has to keep improving. I thought he had three real good games, and I thought he didn't get much help Sunday as far as our protection. But I want to see improvement there at quarterback so that when Trent comes back next season after his injury we really do have guys that we know can win. I want to see that. Our running game, we have to get that going somehow, some way in the last six games, and I'm committed to doing that. And then we're going to keep playing people on defense. We're going to keep playing the backup guys on the defensive line like we've been doing. The linebackers, we don't have a lot of choices, but they're playing and we'll get a chance to see how they do. I don't think we do anything scheme-wise or change how we practice. I don't think we do any of that."

 5. His thoughts on the Kansas City offense.

"If they're going to run the ball, usually he's the guy running it. But they don't just run the ball. They have a good passing attack. You can focus in certainly on Priest Holmes, but you have to be a little careful because otherwise they're good enough on offense to beat you passing the ball too. Any team that has a go-to back, you're going to focus on that back. Most teams do have a guy who is going to run the ball for them, but this team has a lot of weapons so you have to play the whole deal."

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