Seahawks.NET Power Rankings: Week 2

Heading into week two of the 2008 NFL season there's a temptation to make sweeping pronouncements based upon the results of the previous weekend. Certainly the Broncos, Eagles and Steelers made definitive statements about their ability to put a hurting on an inferior team. But are we to believe that the Colts and Seahawks are as bad as they played on Sunday? 


Both teams appeared tentative and out of sync as their franchise QBs returned to the field for the first time in weeks.  That’s not to take anything away from the performance of the Bears and Bills, both of whom capitalized upon their opponent’s mistakes and won convincing victories.  But one needs look no further than last year’s Super Bowl Champs to see that a poor start does not mean the end of the season.

Notes from TV Land:  Another year and still more of the God awful Coors Light press conference ads.  Who the hell is in the focus group for these ads and why do they keep approving them?  Then again, this is the same company that is trying to convince us that there’s such a process as “frost brewing” and that cold has a flavor so why should we expect anything more intelligent from their football campaigns?  The real mystery is why anyone is still drinking that crap when we’re in the middle of the single greatest brewing renaissance in the history of the United States. 

Watching Monday Night Football (Late Edition) and comparing Mike Greenberg, Mike Ditka, and Mike Golic to the yahoos who were on before them, and I wonder why ESPN hasn’t pulled the trigger on switching the teams out yet.  Mike Greenberg actually allowed silence over the air as plays developed instead of a steady stream of babble.  Mike Golic was calling penalties definitively before the referee announced them, even when the fouls were away from the play, something that most announcers are incapable of these days and Ditka cut loose with a few howlers that made me laugh out loud.  Sadly, all three will be relegated to spot studio duty by ESPN, leaving us with the other clods.

Enough rambling – it’s time for the Week Two Edition of The Power Rankings:

  Team Last Week Record Commentary
1 Dallas Cowboys 5 (1-0) A quality win on the road against a quality opponent earns the 'Boys the number one spot in the Power Rankings.
2 New York Giants 2 (1-0) The Giants depleted defense remains a concern, but not this week as they travel to St. Louis to take on the woeful Rams.
3 Philadelphia Eagles 8 (1-0) The Eagles totally dominated the Rams on both sides of the ball and proved to everyone why the NFC East is the toughest division in the NFL.
4 Indianapolis Colts 1 (0-1) Peyton Manning couldn't shake off the rust after an inactive preseason, but there's no reason to think that he won't soon regain form.
5 New Orleans Saints 9 (1-0) New Orleans scored on three long pass plays on the defense played tough enough to hold off a late charge from the Bucs.
6 Pittsburgh Steelers 10 (1-0) The Steelers offensive line looked pretty solid against the Texans.  If they continue to play this well, Pittsburgh will made a deep postseason run.
7 New England Patriots 3 (1-0) With Brady gone for the season, the Pats forseeable future is bleak.
8 Carolina Panthers 14 (1-0) Carolina squeaked a tough road win against a solid San Diego team with a last second TD toss from Jake Delhomme.  If he stays healthy, the sky's the limit for the Cats.
9 San Diego Chargers 4 (0-1) The Bolts defense was gassed at the end of the game last week.  That's what happens when you're on the field twice as long as the other team.
10 Denver Broncos 15 (1-0) After one game, it appears that Jay Cutler will prove me wrong for doubting him.  Then again, it was only against the Raiders…
11 Tennessee Titans 11 (1-0) The Titans defense won last Sunday's game for them, holding Jacksonville to just 33 yards rushing and picking off David Garrard twice.
12 Seattle Seahawks 6 (0-1) The Seahawks looked completely unprepared in Buffalo.  The silver lining in the Emerald City is that the rest of division looked just as atrocious.
13 Jacksonville Jaguars 7 (0-1) Jacksonville's offense looked out of sync all afternoon.  Of course, losing both starting guards to injury might have had something to do with it.
14 Cleveland Browns 13 (0-1) The high flying Browns offense was grounded by Dallas last week, but they committed no turnovers, a key indicator that it might just have been an off day.
15 Green Bay Packers 25 (1-0) Twelve penalties for over 100 yards is the main reason the Pack didn't win by a wider margin last Monday Night. 
16 Minnesota Vikings 12 (0-1) The Vikings had a shot at the end but Tavaris Jackson came up just a bit short.  
17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17 (0-1) Two major concerns surfaced during last week's game vs. the Saints -- giving up the big play and a near-total inability to convert third downs.
18 Arizona Cardinals 18 (1-0) The Cardinals ground out a close win in what should have been a blowout.  Still, a win is a win and they are in sole possession of first place in NFC West.
19 Buffalo Bills 26 (1-0) Buffalo did a fantastic job gameplanning for the Seahawks and without half of the team on IR, they actually had the players to execute.
20 New York Jets 21 (1-0) Jet fans are happy now, but if Farve just chucks it up for grabs against the Patriots like he did against the Dolphins, they'll be singing a different tune next Monday.
21 Chicago Bears 23 (1-0) The Bears defense took advantage of a confused and tenative Colts team and the offense did enough to win.
22 Atlanta Falcons 30 (1-0) Atlanta jumped all over the lowly Lions defense and put the rest of the NFL on alert that the Falcons are for real.
23 Baltimore Ravens 27 (1-0) Rookie QB Joe Flacco played well in his NFL debut and the defense looked stout.  
24 Cincinnati Bengals 16 (0-1) Ocho Cinco - Uno catch.  Carson Palmer 35.2 QB Rating.  2-13 on third down.  0-2 on fourth down.  
25 Washington Redskins 22 (0-1) Washington's defense will help keep the Redskins competetive while offense gets up to speed under the new system.
26 Houston Texans 24 (0-1) Mario Williams had two sacks against Pittsbugh.  See, I could find something positive to say about the Texans!
27 Detroit Lions 19 (0-1) Lordy, Detroit's defense is horrid.  They made the Falcons look like the 2007 Patriots.
28 Kansas City Chiefs 31 (0-1) The KC defense hung tough against 2nd-stringer Matt Cassel, but the offense couldn't muster more than one score.
29 Miami Dolphins 32 (0-1) Miami showed signs of life against the Jets, but their pass defense is going to be a major concern all season.
30 San Francisco 49ers 29 (0-1) Six turnovers.  The Niners should be happy they were playing the Cardinals. Otherwise the score would have been much much worse.
31 St. Louis Rams 20 (0-1) Why kick a Field Goal when you're down by 30+ in the fourth quarter?  Blech.
32 Oakland Raiders 28 (0-1)

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