Seahawks Sideline: Quick Hits

Which star players for the Hawks are supporting casts on their hands? Will it keep them sidelined? How will Holmgren split playing time when players return from injury? Find this out and more in this week's Seahawks Sideline.

Supporting Cast?

Lofa Tatupu will have surgery to repair damage to his thumb that he suffered in the 49ers game. The team doesn't expect the surgery to keep him from playing after the bye when they travel to New York to take on the Super Bowl champion Giants on October 5th.

Like Tatupu, DE Patrick Kerney and DB Marcus Trufant both will have the soft casts from injuries to their hands replaced with hard casts. Fortunately all three players are expected not to have the casts keep them from playing.

Key Players Expected to Return after the Bye

After the bye week ends, coach Mike Holmgren is expecting WR Deion Branch, WR Bobby Engram and RB Maurice Morris to return to action in time for the matchup with the Giants.

"They're telling me these guys are coming back," Holmgren said on Monday. "The check's in the mail, but until I see it, I'll reserve judgment. But they're telling me I get them back, and from there I don't have to worry as much about our depth as I did before."

No Rest For the Wicked?

In years past, Holmgren has given his players the entire bye week off. However with the rash of injuries this season, the head coach is requiring the team have a few practices during the time off.

"A couple of extra days of work can help," Holmgren said. "I would ask them to condition anyway if I gave them the whole week off. I would ask them to condition or lift. I'm just adding one more little thing to that."

Finding Places For New Faces

With RB Julius Jones eye-opening production over the past two weeks, Holmgren has his work cut out for him with deciding how to fit Maurice Morris back into the mix since Morris was also productive before he went down with injury. Will the two backs split time again as they did in Buffalo for the season opener?

"I'm not prepared to answer it right now," Holmgren said. "I've got a week to think about it. Mo', prior to his getting injured, was playing well, making plays and making good runs and doing fine."

Another back to consider is T.J. Duckett who has shown the team some good things in his reps so far this season rushing for 79 yards and two scores in last week's victory over the Rams.

"There is probably a place for Duckett," Holmgren said. "Late in the game, some time, there's a place now. And he earned that yesterday. But how many snaps and percentages, I don't know. Sometimes, it will just have to be a gut feeling." Top Stories