Holmgren addresses the Media

Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Mike Holmgren talked to the Seattle media about his teams play against the 49ers and what it's like to be a spoiler.


1.Can his team rebound from Sundays 24  to 31 loss to the San Francisco 49ers?

"I think we are, I think you can always build on things. I was very pleased, as I mentioned last evening, about the guys hanging in there and the never-say-die attitude which I think is very, very important. Clearly they displayed that because it would have been easy to tank it, 31-10, you are going against some big odds there, and we came back. That was the good thing. The not so good thing was the fact that we were very careless on offense in particular. I think we dropped some passes, we fumbled the ball and had a couple penalties that hurt us, although after seeing the penalties I was kind of wondering a little bit, but they were there, they were called. That bothered me, the inconsistency, and really it has been a bug of ours all season long. We can look real good and then we can get real sloppy. Until we develop some real discipline we won't reach our potential. Now, I am encouraged by how we are moving the ball when we are going. I think we're starting to move it. I think you see those glimpses of what we can be. But yesterday wound up being a close ball game. You take the score and all the stuff that we did in the game and it's hard to win games against good football teams when you do those things. We were close, right in there, but we can't push over the edge right now."

 2. Did the defense improve from the previous game?

"I believe it was better yesterday, a lot better as far as our assignments and things like that. We just still have a couple things where we had to call a timeout when our concentration level waned just a little bit, but it was better. Yesterday they made a couple big plays, Reggie Tongue and Ken Lucas made good interceptions. We contained Garcia a couple times on bootlegs, we clearly knew what was going on and they were thinking about it and did it. We still have a ways to go in getting off the field on third down, things like that, but if you look at yesterday's game, San Francisco, which has a good offensive football team in my opinion, we gave them fourteen points on a punt return and an interception. They earned them all, but on offense they got seventeen."

 3. How does he feel about being a spoiler?

"Well, I would rather be at the other end, motivating to go to the playoffs or fighting for home-field advantage. I think that it's always easier to motivate your team that way. But if you're in our position or find yourself in our position then you're looking for ways to have them battle right to the very end. With our team, I have mentioned many times, I think they are, naturally-speaking, hard working guys. They're real professional, they're high-character and they will battle right until the end in the next four games. The idea of knocking off someone or competing against the teams we are playing in the last four weeks who are all good teams. They are playoff caliber teams, three of them will probably go for sure. They are all really good teams. That in itself should be enough motivation to go in and bring your ‘A' game, because those teams are battling for a lot of things too and they're going to be going hard so you better match their intensity. No one wants to be embarrassed out there, no one. So it becomes very much an individual thing before it's a team thing. With this group I don't have to appeal too much that way."

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