Bridging The Gap

Guest columnist and resident longtime member of NET Nation, Les "PithyRadish" Norton speaks about the opportunity to attend a Seahawks game and much more.

Some people get to go every week. Some get to go 3-4 times a season. Others go their entire lifetime and not see a home game. I always thought we were in that category.

Believe it or not there are many season ticket holders that don't even live in Washington State. And there are some of those that can't always attend games themselves so they graciously share their good fortune with some not so lucky fans. That is what happened to us, a fan offered us a chance to purchase tickets to a couple of games a year and we jumped at it!

One little disclaimer here. If you ever get the chance to use someone elses tickets for Goodness sakes don't abuse the opportunity by being rude, drunk, or excessively abusive, don't kill the goose that has the golden egg.

We normally make a weekend of it. I am retired and work part time tues-thurs so I get 4 day weekends all the time. The wife is still working full time but gets quite a bit of vacation time so the weekend we are going to Seattle for a game she takes the Friday before and the Monday after off. Then our kids have a place for us to stay while there so yes the Gods have shone their countenance upon us. I wish all of you out of towners could be so lucky!

Game day morning our daughter or son in law take us downtown about 10:30 so we can met old and new friends at Temple Billiards. We have parked a car downtown in advance for returning.

Into Temple and listen to the voices of the past and present friends we see today or have seen in the past. Aros, Hawkstorian, Secret Squirrel, Sutz, Mizhawk and Hawkboi, Kitsapguy, Seatown81, Buckethead, Schoolmarm, Seahawkgal all the way from Michigan last year, and many more than I can't remember right now. Last Sunday we got to meet 2 people new to us, Geekhawk and Hemifed and welcome to them. We spend an hour and a half or so visiting, having a sandwich, and catching up on old times. Then its time to go to the game.

2 block walk to the stadium, go through the entry process and then off to the top deck we go. The wife uses the elevator but Radish walks the ramp up all 13 corners of it and enjoys the view of the sound and the street below all the while talking Hawks football with everyone around me. The wife and I meet and go on up to our seats and say hello to the people around us that we have gotten to know last season and this. And of course you have to look around and marvel at how beautiful this place is.

And now the game is beginning and the serious business of being a part of the 12th man begins. Where we sit the noise doesn't bother your vibrates your entire upper body and this 65 year old guy is screaming with the kids around us. I am amazed at the noise that can be generated by the entire stadium, but at the closed end it is beyond belief when we get tuned up. Its a living thing that starts to build during the last part of the huddle and growing louder exponentially as the opposing team nears the line of scrimmage. By then the din is a palpable thing with a life of its own, man is it exciting!

After the game we have to set a few minutes to wind down and then head down the steps and the wife heads for the elevator while again I take the ramp. Down is a piece of cake. This time I walked down with a large group of Rams fans and we have some nice discussions about each others teams. I find it easy to be nice to these people since we won the game but ask some questions about what is happening with their team and coaching staff. You find out for the most part they are just like us, fans of their team win or lose.

Down on street level again we walk the 2 blocks to our car and before getting in and leaving we look back at Seahawks Stadium and thank our lucky stars we are able to attend now and them. A big thank you to the person thatallows us to attend these games. And I hope that each and everyone of you get the chance to attend a home game at Seattle. Its a blast!

Les and his wife Darlene at the Seahawks/Rams game 9/21/08.


Les "PithyRadish" Norton has been a longtime member of the Seahawks.NET community. You can catch up more on what Les has to say in the NET Nation forum. Top Stories