Goal Line Stand: How Did You Get Here?

How is it possible for some fans to grow up in the far reaches of the continental United States, separated from the Pacific Northwest by thousands of land miles only to devote themselves to the Seahawks? Find out inside.

What NFL team you choose to support says a lot about you. Fans represent in different ways. Some dress in the jersey of their favorite player, some have rituals that rival voodoo and some invest only the time to watch the game. Whatever you do, however you do it, one question persists? How did you get here? What triggers you to root for one team while hating the other?

My story: (The Birth Of A Seahawk)

I grew up in two very different places, Los Angeles, California and Alpine, Tennessee. Think Beverly Hillbillies but in reverse with no millions in oil and no Beverly Hills. Being a Seahawk in LA is one thing, in Tennessee its another thing all together.

As a kid I was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, Roger Staubach was my idol. I loved the way he cut his jersey so that they matched his 'high-rise' shoulder pads. I loathed the Steelers (still do more than ever) and awaited with great antcipation for Christmas to arrive so I could proudy display my Cowboys team kids set with helmet and jersey and pads that my aunt had been hinting that I was to get. I would proudly display my new Cowboys ensamble to all the Steeler fan-kids in my neighborhood.

As I opened the 'assumed' masterpiece, I spied a gleam of silver coming off the helmet in the box.. then blue.. my heart raced.. then green..


My aunt god love her, had little if any idea about football and bought a SEAHAWKS team kit in lieu of my 'little red rider bb gun-esque" Cowboys team kit I so desired.

I was crushed.. devistated in fact. I speak the honest truth when I say before ye Seahawk brethren that there was a brief time when I hated the Seahawks. I refused to put it on for days. A long time to not play with a toy in my day.

The thing about being a kid and football is that when the playoffs are going on the backyard play seems to increase ten-fold. I played a time or two in 'civi's' but the ever growing group of kids with uniforms drew me to my final destiny, putting the Seahawk jersey on. As I pulled the jersey over my head I saw the number 80 and was unfamilar with Largent, but colors were cool and the helmet was sweet with the wrap around bird. So I hit the streets, a newly signed Seahawk.

The greetings from my fellow neighborhood kids ranged from laughter to taunting to idoicy of people not even knowing who the Seahawks were, my aunt included. I took that sort of ranting for the rest of the year. After a while, I must have psychologically began to take the insults and laughter personally and suddenly felt the need to not only back myself but my newly annoited team. I gave my Staubach jersey away to my cousin and have not looked back since. That was 1982.

Over my years here in Tennessee I have seen many things with our beloved Seahawks. I am asked constantly to this day how one can not be a Titans fan and live in Tennessee? My response? I have been a Seahawk fan longer that the Titans have even exsisted and I hated the Oilers before that.

To my Seahawk brethren I judge not a fan on the amount of time he or she has spent as a fan, but rather the amount of passion and dedication they have as a Seahawk fan. The true test is riding out the bumps in the road and understanding that every scar is a victory when representing the Seahawks.

Some of us have been fans since birth, others have converted over the years.

My question to you is: How did you get here?

For me it was a far-sighted aunt and a little good luck.


Scott Norris is better known to NET Nation as "Hllywood". If you would like to contact Scott you can emai him at: scottnorris2000@hotmail.com.


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