Why Bother Watching? Here's Why

Sure the Seahawks start is a poor one. Nothing seems to be going as planned. Still, guest columnist Mark Salois would like to point out why the season is still worth watching.

Why should we even watch?

At 1-4, the Seahawks are off to their worst start since the 2002 season. Since the 16 game schedule was adopted in 1978, only 6 teams have recovered and made the playoffs after starting that slowly.

None of those 6 teams had to deal with what the 2008 version of the Seahawks are facing.

Key injuries decimated the WR corp before the season got started, but most thought that the suddenly veteran defense would be able to carry the team until health improved on the offensive side of the ball. Returning all 11 players that started in 2007. Through week six, the Hawks are ranked 27th in total defense and 3-out-of-4 of the best players on the underperforming unit are sporting casts (Tatupu, Kerney, Trufant).

Most Hawk fans heard Mike Holmgren's press conference on Monday when he delivered the sobering news on our franchise QB, Matt Hasselbeck. He sounded almost despondent while saying that Hasselbeck will miss the Tampa game at the very least. Who could blame him for dealing with slight depression right now? He stated earlier this season that the one injury he could not afford was one to the pro bowl quarterback.

There is no team in this league that could be competitive on a week-to-week basis missing their top 2 quarterbacks, most of the receiving core and fielding a below average defense. So why should we even bother to watch on Sundays?


November 11th, 1990.

Trailing 16-10, a beaten and battered Dave Kreig completed passes of 16 and 25 yards to John L. Williams and Tommy Kane respectively to set up one of the most memorable moments in Seahawk history.

With 4 seconds remaining and the ball spotted on the 25 yard line, Kreig narrowly escaped from what would have been a record breaking 8th sack by Derrick Thomas, spotted Paul Skansi running a seam pattern against the Chiefs zone defense and launched his prayer. Not only did Skansi make an incredible catch, he managed to hold on to the ball after absorbing not so gentle hits from Deron Cherry and Kevin Ross.

It was the first win for the Hawks in 10 years playing in Kansas City.

And I missed it.

I was frustrated watching what amounted to another lackluster offensive effort from the Seahawks and I had changed the channel.

As cursed as this season appears to be, there will be gems throughout the rest of the year that you will really want to see as they happen. If you don't watch, maybe you'll miss someone like Bumpus emerge as a big time threat. Maybe you'll miss the light bulb going off in Spencer's head as he finally "gets it" and lives up to his lofty draft status. Maybe you'll miss Mare continue to be outstanding and complete a rare perfect season.

There are many reasons to keep watching. Learn from my mistake.

By the way....

That seemingly meaningless win over the Chiefs propelled the relatively untalented 3-5 Seahawks to a 9-7 record, missing the playoffs by only a tie breaker.


Mark Salois is known to NET Nation as acer1240. If you would like to drop Mark an email, you can do so at: saloisd@mtintouch.net

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