Scouting Report: Asher Allen

For many of the draftniks out there, it is never too early to talk about the upcoming NFL Draft. For many Seahawk fans battered by a brutal season, the draft represents a small ray of hope. .Net's Kyle Rota has reviewed the games and has written the reports, including one on this talented player who could be introduced as a new member of your Seattle Seahawks in April.

Name: Asher Allen
Position: Cornerback
School: Georgia
Height: 5094 E
Weight: 198 E
40 Time: 4.5 E

Athleticism: 6.5
Asher is a good to very good athlete in terms of his balance and quickness. He has a quick backpedal and is able to change directions against WRs very well, allowing him to keep on a WR's hip pocket. Asher has fluid hips and backpedals quickly and smoothly.
Quickness: 6.0
Balance: 6.5
Fluidity: 6.5

Physical Talents: 5.5
Asher has a thick frame for a cornerback, making him tougher than he looks. However, he is under 5'10 and will struggle against some of the bigger WRs. He has good strength for a cornerback but really lacks explosion, which makes me question his ability to play on the outside in the NFL, where he could very well face athletes both bigger and more explosive than he is.
Body Type: 5.0
Strength: 6.0
Explosion: 5.0

Polish: 6.5
Not a real strong or explosive player, Asher has gotten by because of his technique and his hips. He plays near the front of the line a fait bit, but rarely succeeds in jamming the WR. However, he reads routes exceptionally well and does a good job staying next to the WR at all times. In zone coverage, he will allow the shorter routes but does not allow any big plays. You'd love to see him play more aggressively in zone but that could be a result of the Georgia scheme. In run support, he does a great job on runs directed away from him, taking the angles needed to get the runner downfield.
Understands Playbook: 6.5
Proper Technique: 6.0
Instincts: 6.5

Competitiveness: 6.5
This is a tough player. Rarely do you see cornerbacks at his size play aggressively against the run. Yet, I consitently saw Allen attempting tackles both downfield and just as often near the LOS. In big games and big situations Allen generally made big plays, but also was victimized a little bit against top competition in big games, possibly due to superior physical talent by the opposition. Allen has to keep his concentration steady to avoid penalties, which he does seem to collect. He also is a player who jaws at and otherwise antagonizes opposing players, showing his heart but at some point he is going to get into trouble - thorough background check advised.
Toughness: 6.0
Consistency: 6.0
Clutch Play: 6.5
Effort: 6.5

Football Character: 6.5 - Plays very hard and has a thick frame. Seems like a dedicated kid.
Personal Character: 6.0 - No known incidents, but if he is off-the-field like he is on-the-field...
Durability: 6.5 - Surprisingly durable for a small cornerback thus far.

Cornerback Specific Skills
Read & React: 6.5 Allen never got fooled by the play fake despite his aggressive style against the run.
Man (off) 6.5 Allen is best off his man, as he anticipates well on short patterns but might need the space for deep routes.
Man (tight) 6.0 Allen was only beaten deep once in the 4 games I scouted, but he gives minimal advantages against the pass when he plays tight.
Zone: 6.0 This grade may change as I scout other corners, but while passes against Allen in zone were high completion, they were all low yardage. Doesn't look bad. Just doesn't look good either.
Recovery: 5.5 This is the biggest weakness for Allen. He rarely makes mistakes, but when he does he lacks the elite talent to run downfield.
Hips: 6.5 Allen has very fluid hips and this enables him to stick with WRs on routes.
Backpedal: 6.0 Allen has a quick backpedal with no wasted motion.
Tackling: 6.0 Allen tackles well for a cornerback, but isn't immune to missed tackles on running backs.
Block Shedding: 5.0 Allen does a good job using his hands to avoid being blocked, but when a WR gets his hands on Allen, Allen struggles to disengage.
Deep Speed: 5.0 Allen will be beaten deep by fast NFL WRs. Will need to be protected in these matchups.
Hands: N/A - Allen had no passes he could be expected to catch in the games I charted... rarely thrown at.
Errors: 5.5 Allen only allowed 1 big pass in the games I scouted (a 50 yard TD that the WR should've been flagged on), but made a couple of penalties that were very blatant. Georgia as a whole is undisciplined, one of the most penalized teams in the nation.

Summary: Allen is a player who took some time to warm up to. His lack of explosion is a huge concern in a small cornerback, but his thick frame is nice. Originally I felt he should stay in school, and while that may not be a bad route to take regardless (more time to work on speed), most of his game is ready to go to the next level. Due to the lack of explosion, he is probably best relegated to the nickel corner position his first year or two, but his instincts, toughness, and good change of direction could allow him to succeed despite a lack of physical talent. He needs to avoid penalties and if possible increase his speed. Because I don't believe he will increase his speed, I wouldn't expect him to ever play more than the 3rd corner position particularly well, but some schemes could hide his lack of deep speed.

Final Grade: 5.9 CR


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