Holmgren on quarterbacks

With his starting quarterback nursing a bad foot, his team getting ready to face what many believe to be the prototypical quarterback in Micheal Vick , Seahawk Head Coach Mike Holmgren talked about the quarterback position to the media .


 1.       The health of Matt Hasselbeck
"I'm hoping he can play. He's playing pretty well and I'd like him to finish the string here. He's still wearing a boot on his foot. I'm hopeful he can finish the season playing the last few games."

  1. Is Jeff George ready to play?

"Yeah, I think he's done a real good job and he's worked hard at picking the stuff up. There are the little nuances, knowing what I want on a particular play that the other quarterbacks might know at this point that he probably wouldn't. But as far as functioning I would expect him to go in and function pretty well."

    3.  On the NFL"S  quarterback rating system

"The guys with the high quarterback rating are usually playing pretty well. Is it an accurate rating of the best quarterback? I would say not always. There are certain systems, as it happens, I think as long as they've been on offense they play in their completion percentage should be pretty high. Your interception percentage should be pretty low just for the nature of the types of throws you are asked to make. Other teams, for an example of a good football team with a good quarterback, Terry Bradshaw when the Steelers were very good. Their game was down the field throws. His completion percentage was never going to be 65% just by the nature of what they were asking him to do. That definitely factors into those numbers. I think if you have a really good quarterback rating you're probably a pretty good player. That's kind of how I see it. It's not always... Brett Farve, as an example, has a high quarterback rating and I think most people believe he's a real good player. He's not up with those other guys because he plays the game a little differently."   

  1. On Micheal Vick

He's such a good runner. I mean he's so good at running ball, at times he's like the kid at the playground where he's the best athlete and it's tough to get him down. The thing that has surprised a few of us is how good a passer he is. Everyone knows he can really run, really run. He's got a strong arm, everyone knew that. But then his accuracy and how he's been able to pass the ball this year, particularly. I think he's been real impressive to most people."


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