Breda Report: What Time Is It?

What is the sound of 2-11? Do cleats feel pain? Okay neither question is answered in the latest Breda Report but these questions are as equally bizarre as considering how bad the Seahawks record is this year.


If you would have told me back in August that the Seahawks would have only 2 wins by the middle of December I would think you were calling from a mental hospital. For what possible collective poop storm by the football gods would cause such a disaster of Detroit Lions proportion?

Not even in my worst nightmare would the 2008 Seahawks be even close to their 1992 exercise in futility. 6-7, sure. 5-8, only if all of the wheels fell off.

But 2-and-11?

In my last Breda Report, I focused heavily on the lame duck status of head coach Mike Holmgren and its certain effect on the team. While I still believe that is part of the equation, I no longer think it is the primary reason for such a lost season as this.

On Thursday, December 11th on KJR AM, Mitch Levy interviewed Mike Holmgren and in perhaps the most telling portion was when Holmgren suggested that he had a change of heart and didn't want to make 2008 his final year with the Seahawks after all. However, the organization (see: Tim Ruskell) felt it was too late and the team had already made their plans to move on.

My point isn't to take sides necessarily but illustrate the power play that has been a very real factor between Ruskell and Holmgren perhaps ever since Tim arrived in 2005.

How much of that power play has affected the course of the 2008 season is as debatable as the lame duck status of the only coach in team history to take the Seahawks to a Super Bowl.

Undoubtedly it's the combination of the above with the unbelievable rash of injuries the team has suffered all season long that can directly account for the wheels falling off and the entire cart lying submerged at the bottom of the Puget Sound.

Who can really say how good the 2008 Seahawks would have been without the distractions, power plays and injuries? One can only speculate but I can say with relative assuredness that the record would be a whole lot better than 2-11.

9-4 sounds about right. Maybe 8-5, heck maybe even 10-3.

We'll never know.

One thing we do know is that Jim Mora will be the head coach in 2009. Beyond that, we are completely clueless to the future successes - or failures - of this franchise.

Seahawks Nation will no doubt be celebrating Mardi Gras style when defensive coordinator John Marshall gets shown the door, perhaps no later than February. Marshall has been the source of many a fan's frustration ever since he took over the position from ailing Ray Rhodes. The reasons are varied but the mainstays seem to be that he doesn't seem to scheme effectively nor utilize the immense pro bowl talent available to him to the best possible advantage.

It's a fair argument.

Especially when usually tight-lipped Seahawks players begin to spill the beans to reporters after frustrating losses.

Safety Deon Grant was surprisingly candid when a reporter asked him if scheme had anything to do with the latest loss, he simply looked up and said,

"You know what time it is."

Now you can argue that players say things they don't mean fresh after another frustrating defeat but there's truth to be found in relentless disappointment. Players are the ones being taught where to be on game day. Players are the ones on the field seeing what is working and what isn't working. Players know when their skills and talents are being underutilized.

Players, indeed, know exactly what time it is.

The question that will be on everyone's mind as we head into the uncertain future is a simple one.

Does Tim Ruskell know what time it is?

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