Alexander Addresses the Media

Seahawk running back Shaun Alexander talked to the Seattle Media after his game winning 27-yard run propelled the Seattle Seahawks to an improbable 30 to 24 Overtime victory over the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome.

Does it feel good to win in overtime in such dramatic fashion? 
"It does. Anytime you win a game it feels good, and to win it like that, that's what everybody wants to do."

(On waving goodbye after scoring the winning touchdown…) 
"Half the people up there probably cheered for me at Alabama or cheered against me because they were Auburn people. I had so many family and friends there I just wanted to wave 'hi' to the people I knew."

(On the final touchdown…) 
"Now that I've seen the play over again, it's the same play that we ran the first play of the game and I just ran through the hole and Mack had a great block, got the linebacker turned around, and I think the cornerback was tied up by Koren and D-Jack; so that left the safety one-on-one with me and he thought I was going to cut back, but I didn't and it was a foot race and I won."

(On how the team feels after beating a good Atlanta team…) 
"I tell everybody every week that this is the most confident and happy to be around team that I have ever seen in my life. We just enjoy playing with each other and no matter who we go up against we're going to go out there and play hard and have fun doing it. Great things will be done."

(On the team playing much better in recent weeks…) 
"Well, I think it just goes along with us enjoying playing around each other. Koren has now gotten comfortable, Matt has gotten comfortable, and I think with those guys being comfortable and D-Jack and I have been pretty consistent. So with two more guys really starting to play well it's going to make our team a whole lot better. I also think in these last three games we have had an offensive line stay intact for three weeks in a row. That hasn't happened all year. With all of those things coming together it will make us a more complete team." Top Stories