Latest Team News and Notes

The offseason is always a long one for any NFL fan. Our weekly series can help keep fans in tune with the latest Seahawks team news and notes.

-- LB Leroy Hill was arrested last weekend for marijuana possession, a misdemeanor offense. Hill will become a unrestricted free agent in February and the team has been in ongoing talks with his agent regarding a possible new deal.

Rumors have it that if a new contract cannot be worked out before Hill hits the market as a UFA, the team will place the franchise tag on him. How this arrest will affect the team's ultimate decision remains to be seen.

-- Seahawks fans are in "Wait and See" mode regarding what new head coach Jim Mora and his recent coaching hires will accomplish in 2009 and beyond. With the addition of new offensive coordinator Greg Knapp, one thing seems certain:

Expect more emphasis on running the ball.

Greg Knapp has had tremendous success running the football," head coach Jim Mora said recently. "So we certainly will be a team that runs the football. ... We'll couple a tremendous run game with a smart, experienced, talented quarterback, and come up with the best packages we can come up with."

Tim Ruskell expanded on the philosophy: "I'm very much a believer in the run game, as is Jim. And if you get the run game going, and the defense, you look at a lot of these playoff teams and that's a formula that works."

-- Former coach Mike Holmgren won't be retiring just yet. He will be pulling pre-game analyst duties for NBC along with former Colts coach Tony Dungy for the Super Bowl on February 1st. Top Stories