Holmgren addresses media

Seattle head coach Mike Holmgren addressed the Seattle media regarding his teams two game win streak, the play of Matt Hasselbeck and rookie tight end Jeremy Stevens.


(On what the winning streak means…) 

"The fellows that were thrust into action because of injury have now played a little bit, they've now played in some games, and so they're going to be better. Anthony Simmons coming back certainly helps the defense. Ritchie Owens is a nice addition to our nickel package. Tim Terry is in a little different row in our nickel because of the injury to Lamar King, and then it just may be believes a little bit more. The offense is playing better now, so maybe the defense is off the field more. They go hand and hand, and I think it's all part of the team just playing better."

 (On if it's frustrating the team is getting hot and the season is coming to an end…) 

"Sure, but I don't know if it's avoidable early. I think when we were hit pretty good it just stuns you a little bit and there's no way to compensate in maybe a weeks time for losing a quarterback. It just takes some time, but we're playing better now, certainly on offense and that's encouraging to me. Is there a certain frustration level? Yes, but wait; your record is what it is, and that's what you're judged on ultimately and that's what gets you into the playoffs. So, early on, we had a couple games that were close but we didn't win and that's biting us right now. But I like the way the guys are finishing the season."

 On are you surprised by Hasselbeck, has he exceeded your expectations…) 

"I think he's taken a big step from how he played last year even. And I thought last year he had a couple of really fine games. But he is making good decisions. He is allowing the system to work for him more. It's part of his maturing as a quarterback, in my opinion. He has this side of him, this little part of him, that wants to make really very usual plays. Really, it caused the first fumble yesterday. He came out and we had a guy there and he tried to get one of those little ones that you'll see work one out of fifty games. You know one of those little "boop" deals. 49 other times it's a disaster. A disaster. So he has that side of them that wants to be that "boop," that one. I've got to kind of beat on him about those things. Because when he plays, when he just plays like he can play, good things usually happen."

 (On Jerramy Stevens play in the offense…) 

"I think he's a good weapon, but I think Mili had a good year too. Let's just say when the tight end is involved it makes it better. We've had a couple situations where we've had both of them on the field and it happened yesterday where we created a little bit of confusion defensively on their part, and it allowed us to get some things done. Having two guys that can play that position and also block, that's a plus. And having Jerramy come off his injury and be a real contributor, that makes us better."

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