Seahawks Place Franchise Tag on Hill

The Seahawks announced Thursday that they have placed the franchise tag on LB Leroy Hill.

Seahawks Franchise Hill

ESPN's John Clayton is reporting that the Seahawks have assigned the franchise tag to LB Leroy Hill. The tender is offered at $8.3 million.

President Tim Ruskell has said that the team will continue to have talks with Hill and his agent to secure a long-term deal and that the franchise tag gives them a bit of breathing room for negotiations.

"I wouldn't say we're exactly close," Ruskell says of an imminent deal. "But it's been good-faith negotiating and this allows us to keep doing that while protecting our rights to the player."

The franchise designation was in doubt after Hill's arrest last month for marijuana possession in Atlanta. Hill met with Ruskell recently to discuss the arrest and to meet with the new defensive coaching staff as well.

"I had to see him face-to-face, and hear that from him and see the sincerity," Ruskell said. "Had Leroy said, 'No, I'm not coming in,' we would be going down a different path right now." Top Stories