NET Exclusive: NET Q&A with DE Nick Reed

This week, .NET's Draft Guru and Scout Specialist sits down with Oregon DE Nick Reed in this exclusive draft coverage.

Nick Reed, DE Oregon 6'1 3/8 245 4.7

Awards and Achievements

East-West Invite
Oregon's All Time Sack Leader- 29.5
AP 2nd Team All America 2007
Pac 10 First Team 2007
3rd in Nation in TFL in 2007
2008 Walter Camp Foundation First Team All American
2008 AP 3rd Team All America
2008- 13 Sacks (2nd) 19.5 TFL (5th)

Seahawks.NET: You've racked up a tremendous number of awards and achievements while at Oregon. Of them all (Pac 10 First Team, Oregon's All Time Sack Leader, Walter Camp 1st Team All American, etc), which one are you most proud of?

Nick Reed: Probably the Walter Camp All American. To be recognized on the national stage is a special honor for myself and my family.

SN: The Ducks have turned out some solid O-lineman the past few years; Guys like Geoff Schwartz, Adam Snyder, Max Unger and Fenuki Tupou. How much better of a player are you today because you went against guys like that in practice?

When I was younger I went against Unger and Schwartz a lot. Both big strong guys and they had two different techniques, which helped me. They're good people to test my stuff on because if they're going to the NFL and I do well against them, if makes me feel confident that I can succeed there, too.

SN: You're known as a player who might not have the measurables that some NFL prospects have, but one that had tremendous production despite that. What do you attribute your success to?

Well, it's kinda the same thing I had out of high school. They said I'd be a LB for sure because of my size. But I feel like I'm a pretty good DE. I know what I'm doing and there's a lot more that goes into being a DE than just size. Heart and preparation go a lot further and I think that makes up for a couple of inches.

SN: Do you ever look across the field at a player that might be the cookie-cutter DE that NFL scouts drool over say to yourself, "If he only hustled like I do or wanted it as bad as I do, he'd be great"?

I don't concern myself with that for the most part. But there's a guy here now that is that type of cookie-cutter DE that scouts will like, Will Tukuafu. But he and I watched a lot of film together and he's a hard worker. He's going to be a good one.

SN: You had a solid week at the East-West Shrine Game. How do you think you did and what was the response from your coaches?

I was fortunate to get in. They had an extra spot and called me the day before. It was a lot of fun. As far as the week, it really motivated me. Again, people were telling me that I was too small, but I went there and played against good OTs and I felt like I represented myself very well. There wasn't a pass rushing situation that that I didn't do well in, I think. The OTs that I went against are supposed to be Drafted in the NFL this year, so I feel if I can do well against them, I'm good enough to get to the NFL.

SN: Despite the big numbers and tremendous personal success you had in Eugene, you weren't invited to the Combine. Does that give you motivation, or is it something you don't think about?

Yeah, it gives me motivation. I was really surprised I didn't get invited to the Combine. I was pretty frustrated. But it was good motivation. Every time I felt like not doing a little extra something, that what I thought about. So I used it to motivate myself and to stay focused.

SN: Where have you been training for the Draft at?

Training here in Eugene on campus.

SN: You just had your Pro Day. How'd you do?

I thought I did pretty well. I was happy with how I did. I ran anything from a 4.65 to a 4.75, depending on who was timing me. There were about 20 guys there timing, so it depends. I did 24 reps of 225, too. So I was happy with how it turned out.

SN: Have any NFL teams scheduled workouts with you?

I got a call from the Dolphins and I think the Bengals next week.

SN: There's been speculation that a switch from DE to 3-4 OLB might be in your future. What do you think about that?

We did some stand up stuff here at Oregon, so I'm comfortable with it. That's all I've been working on the past two months. Just to prepare myself either way. I think I can have success at either position.

SN: Who are some of the best Offensive Lineman you've gone up against?

Consistently, without a doubt, Max Unger and Fenuki Tupou. They're both very good offensive lineman and hard workers. Outside of Oregon, Eben Britton was very good. Andy Levitre was very good. And a guy from Oklahoma State was really good, but I forget his name right now. (OT Russell Okung, who is supposed to be a 1st Round pick next year).

SN: Can you give us a couple names of some younger Ducks that have NFL futures ahead of them, but might not be getting the credit they deserve now?

DE Will Tukuafu, who I already mentioned. He's going to be real good. Spencer Paysinger and Casey Matthews, both LBs. T.J. Ward (S) is going to be good. And CB Walter Thurmond will be very good. Top Stories