Holmgren The Coach Stays

After watching his team win it's last three games and finish 7-9, Team President Bob Whitsitt announced that the team will be hiring a General Manager and that Mike Holmgren will remain as the Seahawks Head Coach. <br><br>The team released five assistant coaches, defensive coordinator Steve Sidwell, defensive line coach Larry Brooks, defensive backs coach Ken Flajole, linebackers coach Johnny Holland and offensive quality control coach Jerry Colquitt.

 Why did he make the decision to hire a General Manager?

"There is so much to do, and I think we have laid a good foundation, there is only so many hours in a day, clearly we need Mike on the field coaching, we wanted to free up Mike on the administrative side so he can do more coaching."

 Is Mike Holmgren still the guy to lead the team to the next step?

"Mike Holmgren's our coach, he's going to continue to be our coach, and there's never been any doubt in our mind. Mike's like all of us in the organization, we've always been and we still are committed to winning. In many ways it was a disappointing season, certainly the start was disappointing, but in other ways it was an exciting finish. We saw some great progress at the end, some improvement, we saw a lot of players and coaches continue to work hard, and that's a positive thing, so hopefully we can build on that."

 What does owner Paul Allen think?

"Paul was disappointed with our season, it was a bittersweet season, Paul is committed to winning, he challenged us on the football end to get better."

 What will be the structure and when will the GM be hired?

"The general manager will report to me. There's no timetable for that. We want to do all we can to help free Mike up to do more coaching. Certainly he's going to continue to be involved in all the big picture of football decisions as he has been. He's been working very hard and doing a great job the last four years, and he's going to continue to do a great job in the future. As I said earlier, we're all committed to winning, our goal is to get this franchise into the Super Bowl and win one."

Mike Holmgren was given  the dual role of Coach and General Manager in 1999 after he had  led Green Bay to two Superbowl appearances in seven  years as the Packers Head Coach. 

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