NET Exclusive: Q&A With WR Brandon Gibson

.NET's resident draft guru and scout specialist sits down with Washington State WR Brandon Gibson as part of our ongoing exclusive draft coverage.

WR Brandon Gibson, Washington State
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 206
40: 4.50
34 Inch Vert
9'5" Broad Jump

Seahawks.NET: 2007 was your best season for Washington State. You put up terrific numbers (67/1,180/9/17.6) and earned national recognitions. How close did you come to declaring for the Draft after having such a great year?

Brandon Gibson: It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. After the Apple Cup, I was sure I was gonna come out. But after long talks with my parents and people close to me, I decided to stay. The guy who evaluated me had me in the 4th Round . I didn't feel like the 4th Round was good enough for me to leave and felt that I should come back.

SN: If you were graded out as a 2nd or 3rd Round pick, would you have left?

BG: If they would have come back with a 2 or 3, I would have made the jump for sure. I thought I had a good year, but the scouts and coaches wanted to see more so I came back.

SN: The team struggled this year and your numbers dropped. Do you ever look back on things and wish you would have left?

BG: Once you make a decision, I think you gotta go with it. I don't think I played the best to my ability, so that was frustrating. I learned a lot of valuable lessons going 2-11. Whether it was running routes better, blocking better, etc. A lot of it was out of my hands, but I think I helped myself by coming back last year.

SN: You were still invited to the Combine this season, but you hurt your hamstring and weren't able to work out. However, interviewing with NFL teams is in many ways just as important as performing well athletically. How did the interviews go for you?

BG: It went well. I met with a lot of WR coaches- from almost every team. I think I interviewed well and I think they came away feeling that I had good football knowledge and that I'm a student of the game. I think they liked me as a person, too.

SN: Teams have said that because players are prepared so well by their agents nowadays, they try to rattle the player by to get an honest answer out of them. Did anything like that happen to you, or was it pretty straight up?

BG: I have a clean record and I had a great, enjoyable life, so I did fine. I had good training for what to expect and I think I did well. I didn't really have anything to worry about. Nothing like that happened in the interviews I had.

SN: You just had your private workout in Seattle. How did you think you did?

BG: I think that they understood my condition and that I ran ok in the rain. I think I'm a 4.4 guy, so I wanted my times to be a bit better. But there was wind and rain and the scouts told me I did well, especially for the conditions I was in. I think I did ok and the coaches came away with a good impression of me.

SN: What are the strengths of your game and what do you feel you need to work on to have success in the NFL?

BG: My strengths are attacking the ball and fighting for it. I feel like I go up and get the ball, whether it's coming back on a hitch or catching the ball in traffic. I also feel like my route running is one of the best things I do, too. As for things I need work on, I need to come off the ball hard, even when I don't have the ball.

SN: Your former teammate, WR Michael Bumpas, is with the Seattle Seahawks. Has he given you any advice on the Draft process?

BG: Ever since my Junior year, which was pretty good, guys have prepared me. They told me to keep my head clear, etc. Bumpas just told me to be ready and that I'm a good player. Jason Hill, Devard Darling, Jason Gesser…they all talked to me and told me to make the best decision possible for me.

SN: If you could pick one NFL QB to throw passes to you, who would it be and why?

BG: Jay Cutler is one of the most impressive QBs I've seen in a long time. He's one of the most physically impressive. Matt Hasselbeck is a tremendous leader and makes plays. He's one of the most respected in the league and always seems to make something happen. Manning still probably holds the title as the best in the game because of what he can do. Brady is really impressive. I think you could put Brady into any system and he'd be great.

SN: What current NFL receivers do you admire?

BG: The most impressive to me is Steve Smith, from Carolina. He's 5'9" and he makes plays. Any time he touches it he's a threat. Anquan Boldin and Reggie Wayne, they're both great. One of my favorites is Steve Smith from USC. When Dwayne Jarrett went down at USC, he was incredible. Go back and watch the film and see what he did. He was amazing. I think he's an up and coming receiver in the NFL right now.

SN: Give me a WSU player or two that will get NFL looks, but might not be a household name yet?

BG: I'll give you three! OLB Andy Mattingly. He's an impressive kid. He can get to the QB. WR Jeffrey Solomon, a transfer from EWU. He can play QB, WR, etc. He's a big time changer in the program. RB James Montgomery who transferred from Cal. He plays with great pad level and can catch the ball out of the backfield. You can put him in the slot and he's a great blocker, too. Those three are going to change the culture. Top Stories