Draft Scenarios

.NET's resident draft guru and scout specialist charts his take on the various draft scenarios that could take place in a week.

The NFL Draft might be the ultimate guessing game, but there are some clues to help read the tea leaves. Oakland, for example, is notorious for overemphasizing speed when they make their selections. New England looks for versatility and character. Bill Parcells' teams always emphasized size. Etc.

Seattle GM Tim Ruskell is known for letting the Draft come to him, getting value over need, placing great emphasis on character and getting players from big college programs that have produced over time (no one-hit-wonders). Nobody knows who the Seahawks will select in a couple weeks, but given Ruskell's previous record, things might become a bit clearer. Just for fun, here's a look at some Draft scenarios for Seattle.

The Ruskell Draft: Mostly players from big programs.

Round 1 (4th)-Eugene Monroe, OT Virginia
Round 2 (37th)-Patrick Chung, SS Oregon
Round 3 (68th)-Marcus Freeman, OLB Ohio State
Round 4 (105th)-DeAngelo Smith, CB Cincinnati
Round 5 (137th; from Detroit)-Jeremiah Johnson, RB Oregon
Round 6 (178th)-Tiquan Underwood, WR Rutgers
Round 7 (213th)-Curtis Painter, QB Purdue
Round 7 (245th)-Stryker Sulak, DE Missouri
Round 7 (247th)-Ashlee Palmer, LB Mississippi
Round 7 (248th)-Dallas Reynolds, OL BYU

The QB Draft: What if Seattle takes a QB at #4?

Round 1 (4th)-Mark Sanchez, QB USC
Round 2 (37th)-William Beatty, OT UConn
Round 3 (68th)-Rashad Johnson, S Alabama
Round 4 (105th)-Cary Harris, CB USC
Round 5 (137th; from Detroit)-Kaluka Maiava, OLB USC
Round 6 (178th)-Brian Hartline, WR Ohio State
Round 7 (213th)-Blake Schleuter, C TCU
Round 7 (245th)-Derek Walker, DE Illinois
Round 7 (247th)-Devin Moore, RB Wyoming
Round 7 (248th)-Ra'Shon Harris, DT Oregon

The Trade Down Scenario: Seattle trades the 4th overall pick to the Denver Broncos for the 12th, 48th and 114th pick overall).

Round 1 (12th)-Brian Cushing, OLB USC
Round 2 (37th)-Brian Robiskie, WR Ohio State
Round 2 (48th)-Sean Smith, DB Utah
Round 3 (68th)-Rashad Jennings, RB Liberty
Round 4 (105th)-Troy Kropog, OT Tulane
Round 4 (114th)-Brandon Gibson, WR Washington State
Round 5 (137th; from Detroit)-Matt Shaughnessy, DE Wisconsin
Round 6 (178th)-Bear Pascoe, TE Fresno State
Round 7 (213th)-Garrett Reynolds, OT North Carolina
Round 7 (245th)-Hunter Cantwell, QB Louisville
Round 7 (247th)-Nader Abdallah, DT Ohio State
Round 7 (248th)-Blake Schleuter, C TCU

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