Rams 7th Round Pick Talks to Media

Rams 7th round pick Chris Ogbonnaya talked Sunday about the long wait to be drafted, his contact with the Rams before being drafted, on his familiarity with Steven Jackson, on picking up blitzes, and how tough it was to show his running back abilities in the Texas offense.

RB Chris Ogbonnaya
April 26, 2009

(On if it was a long wait)
"Absolutely, but  to have the opportunity to get your name called is a blessing and I am happy to be a part of the Rams organization and want to do everything I can to make the team and help the team out in any sort of capacity."

(On contact with the Rams prior to today)
"My first experience with them was the Texas vs. the Nation game that I played in.  I talked to Coach (Sylvester) Croom at the combine.  I had an interview with him one-on-one.  Prior to that, I know that my offensive coordinator spoke to them while I was in Austin last weekend, so until today that is as much as I had heard from them."

(On his familiarity with RB Steven Jackson)
"When they were interviewing me, they were asking…who is my style comparable to?  He was one of the people that I mentioned.  I think that he is a great back, obviously, and has been a great player since he was at Oregon State.  It will be interesting to see how things work and learn under him."

(On being a wide receiver previously)
I came in as a wide receiver at Texas and was moved to running back, to fullback and back to running back.  So I had my fair share of football experience on the offensive side of the ball."

(On if running back is his favorite of the three positions)
"Absolutely.  It's a combination of all three of the positions.  You have to catch the ball, you have to learn how to block and you have to run obviously.  So I just applied those things that I learned at those positions to apply at running back."

(On how tough it is to show his running back abilities in the Texas offense)
"It was tough just because we became more of a pass-first offense this year and spread it out a little bit more, but when I did get an opportunity, I made the most of it.  It was an exciting year, we did really well with it, so really couldn't complain.  I was happy to be a part of it at Texas."

(On picking up blitzes)
"Absolutely.  Something that I take a lot of pride in, protecting the quarterback and being able to catch the ball out of the backfield, so that is something that I would say I am stronger at."


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