Leroy Hill Contract Details

Brian McIntyre of NorthwestFootball.net looks at the details of the six-year, $38 million dollar contract Leroy Hill signed with the Seattle Seahawks last week.

As you know, the Seattle Seahawks removed the $8.304 million dollar franchise tag from linebacker Leroy Hill after selecting Aaron Curry with the 4th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. The Seahawks had been offering Hill a six-year, $36 million dollar contract, which Hill had turned down, and removing the franchise tag was a calculated gamble on the Seahawks' part to help spur negotiations towards a long-term contract.

That gamble paid off, with Hill agreeing to a six-year, $38 million dollar deal on the eve of last weekend's mini-camp. Hill's deal has been reported as being very similar to the original, 6-year/$36 million dollar offer, but with some incentives added to push to total maximum value to $38 million dollars.

Here are some of the details of Hill's contract:

Base Salaries
2009: $5M
2010: $6M
2011: $4.5M
2012: $5M
2013: $5.5M
2014: $5.5M

Hill's base salaries listed above are according to NFLPA records, and they total $31.5 million dollars. Signing bonus data is not available at this time, but it can be safely assumed that, based on the reported value of Hill's deal ($38M), any signing bonus, if any, would be less than $6.5 million dollars.

One could deduce that Hill received a $4.5 million dollar signing bonus, which combined with all his base salaries, would equal the original $36 million dollars the Seahawks were offering him. Additionally, a signing bonus of $4.5M, when combined with Hill's 2009 and 2010 base salaries, equals the $15.5 million dollars in guaranteed money the deal reportedly contains.

Player contracts are often much more nuanced than that, though, so until further details are known, I won't jump to those conclusions.

Here a conclusion I can make: Hill's first-year cap number will fall somewhere between $5 and $6.3 million dollars, or at least $2 million dollars less than it would have been had he played this season under the one-year franchise tag. That cap savings has already been used on a potential starting cornerback and improved depth in the backfield.

UPDATE: ESPN.com's Mike Sando is reporting that Hill received no signing bonus. Instead, he'll receive a $2 million dollar option bonus in 2010 and a $2.5 million dollar roster bonus in 2011. Based on that information, Hill's cap figures look like this:

Hill's Cap Figures

2009: $5M
2010: $6.4M
2011: $7.4M
2012: $5.4M
2013: $5.9M
2014: $5.9M

Additional Contract Info

Cornerback Ken Lucas is signed for one year at $2.3 million dollars.

Fullback Justin Griffith is signed for one year at $620,000. Griffith likely received a signing bonus of $50,000, which would qualify for the "Minimum Salary Benefit", meaning his cap charge would be just $460,000.

Rookie free agents Michael Bennett (DE, Texas A&M), Tony Fein (LB, Mississippi), Devin Moore (RB, Wyoming), Dave Philistin (LB, Maryland), Andre Ramsey (OT, Ball State), and Tyler Roehl (RB, North Dakota State) each signed two-year deals at the minimum base salaries for 2009 ($310,000) and 2010 ($395,000).

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