New role for Mebane in Seahawks defense

Hubris is the curse of the young at times and current Seahawks DT Brandon Mebane can attest to that. After getting over his admitted stubborn streak, the third-year defensive lineman has begun to listen more to his new position coach and he said that will be a key in helping him adapt to his new role in Seattle's offense.

"(Defensive line coach Dan Quinn) shows me different techniques and moves I can use," Mebane told Mike Salk and Brock Huard on KIRO 710 AM Tuesday afternoon. "When he first came I had my mind set and said ‘I'm just going to do these certain pass rush moves' and then I started listening to him and I was like ‘maybe I need to stop being so stubborn and see if these things work' and the things he was teaching me are working now and I'm starting to get it.

"A lot of times when you see something new you, you get lazy and are like ‘I just want to be complacent and do the things I'm doing', but the things that he's been showing me have been making me a better player so now I'm there like a student willing to learn and show him the respect as a coach to make me into a better player."

Since arriving from Cal as a third-round selection in the 2007 NFL Draft, Mebane has played in Seattle's defensive line rotation and mainly played on the nose, over the center, however this year his role is changing so he's been watching film of players who he wants to emulate.

"This year we're throwing a lot of different looks," Mebane noted. "From looking at the plays they are giving us, it seems like everybody is blitzing more.

"As a defensive line, the defensive tackles, we're not sliding this year because the three technique is always going to play the three-technique and the nose guard (Colin Cole) will play the nose.

"I'm the three technique this year so one of my focuses this year is to get my weight down and my role this year is to bring more energy to the defensive line and the defense so my role has pretty much changed.

"The one guy I've been looking at as far as taking different things and different situations is Warren Sapp. He played the three-technique really well and we're running the Tampa defense is the same defense so I'm just looking at film of what he was doing and when certain plays came at him I'm just trying to focus on him and what he was doing and incorporating that into my game.

As far as his play on the field he was a great player. He brought it every play. The dude I want to have energy like was John Randle. He had so much energy and it's like ‘where did he get all that energy from' it was unbelievable watching his film too."

Going along with that theme of high energy is the coaching staff, led by head coach Jim Mora.

"We throw a lot of things at you," Mebane said. "Last year it was kinda basic compared to this defense. This defense now is more like throwing a whole lot at you.

"From looking at it and looking at the plays, everybody's involved and we're throwing a lot of things at different teams. It's more high energy on the defense, we are really making an emphasis on takeaways and our coach is real high energy. It's going to be a different team on defense as well as on the offense."

And fans can expect to see a different Brandon Mebane out on the field this season as well. Top Stories