Seahawks 2009 Roster Analysis - Part I

10 days before the Seahawks open the pre-season against San Diego, Brian McIntyre of takes a look at their roster and the battles that will take place this summer.


Players Brought to 2008 Training Camp: 4
Players Kept in 2008: 3
Players Brought to 2009 Training Camp: 4
Locks: Matt Hasselbeck, Seneca Wallace
Bubble: Mike Teel, Jeff Rowe

For the fifth straight season, Hasselbeck and Wallace are 1-2 on the depth chart, with either Teel or Rowe carrying a clipboard and modeling this year's Reebok sideline cap.

Camp Battle to Watch: 3rd QB - 2009 sixth-round pick Teel vs. third-year veteran Rowe, who was signed last December. Rowe's been in the league longer, but has yet to appear in a regular season game.

Running Backs

Players Brought to 2008 Training Camp: 7 (4 RB, 3 FB)
Players Kept in 2008: 6
Players Brought to 2009 Training Camp: 8 (4 RB, 4 FB)
Locks: Julius Jones, T.J. Duckett, Justin Forsett, Justin Griffith (FB), Owen Schmitt (FB)
Bubble: Devin Moore
Long-Shots: David Kirtman (FB), Dan Curran (FB)

Jones, Duckett, Griffith, and Schmitt are safe, as is Forsett. It's hard to see them taking six backs into the 2009 season, so Moore will need to make it hard for the 'Hawks to cut him. Teams generally don't keep three fullbacks, so Kirtman and Curran's fates are likely tied to Griffith's knee and/or any disciplinary action Schmitt might face following his June 25 arrest.

Camp Battle to Watch: 3rd RB – It won't be as epic as the Gatti-Ward trilogy, but the 5-8 Forsett and 5-9 Moore's fight for the third running back spot should be a fun one for fans to watch this summer.

Wide Receivers

Players Brought to 2008 Training Camp: 11
Players Kept in 2008: 6
Players Brought to 2009 Training Camp: 11
Locks: T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Nate Burleson, Deion Branch, Deon Butler
Bubble: Jordan Kent, Courtney Taylor, Ben Obomanu, Michael Bumpus, Logan Payne, Billy McMullen, Mike Hass

Houshmandzadeh, Burleson, Branch, and Butler are locks. The other seven receivers are battling for what will likely be two roster spots. After 2008, no receiver can be considered a long-shot.

Camp Battle to Watch: 5th and 6th WR – The final two roster spots at receiver will be determined not just by their ability as a receiver, but by their special teams contributions, as well. Kent, Taylor, and Payne performed well on the punt coverage units, while Obomanu and Bumpus can help in the return game.

Tight Ends

Players Brought to 2008 Training Camp: 4
Players Kept in 2008: 3
Players Brought to 2009 Training Camp: 5
Locks: John Carlson, John Owens
Bubble: Joe Newton, Cameron Morrah
Long-Shot: John Tereshinski

Carlson starts, with Owens signed in the off-season to fill the blocking tight end role vacated by the departure of Will Heller. Newton (6-7, 258) has outstanding size and has the added benefit of working out with Hasselbeck throughout the off-season. Morrah has a ton of upside, and unlike Newton, has practice squad eligibility.

Camp Battle to Watch: 3rd Tight End – Newton has worked hard to position himself for a roster spot, but will that be enough to stave off Morrah, a talented, but raw 2008 draft choice?

Offensive Linemen

Players Brought to 2008 Training Camp: 13 (6 T, 7 C/G)
Players Kept in 2008: 9 (4 T, 5 G/C)
Players Brought to 2009 Training Camp: 14 (7 T, 7 C/G)
Locks: Walter Jones (T), Sean Locklear (T), Ray Willis (T/G), Max Unger (C/G), Chris Spencer (C/G), Rob Sims (G), Mansfield Wrotto (G/C)
Bubble: Cory Withrow (C/G), Steve Vallos (C/G), Grey Ruegamer (C/G), Na'Shan Goddard (T), Kyle Williams (T), William Robinson (T), Andre Ramsey (T)

In Mike Solari's ideal world, Jones and Locklear start at tackle with Spencer in the middle. Willis signed a two-year extension in the off-season and could play right tackle or either guard spot, while Unger has the "Center of the Future...Possible Right Guard of Today" label attached to him. Sims and Wrotto are working with the first-team line, so for now, their spots appear safe. Beyond that, it's a Battle Royale for the final two or three spots. Vallos played well at center in 2008 when Spencer was placed on IR, and Withrow and Ruegamer offer versatility and 10+ years of experience. Williams, Goddard, Robinson, and undrafted rookie Ramsey are in the hunt, primarily because they're tackles.

Camp Battle to Watch: Left and Right Guard – Sims and Wrotto are working with the first-team line, but how long will they be able to hold off Unger, Willis, and possibly Locklear?

Defensive Linemen

Players Brought to 2008 Training Camp: 14 (7 DT, 7 DE)
Players Kept in 2008: 9 (4 DT / 5 DE)
Players Brought to 2009 Training Camp: 13 (8 DE / 5 DT)
Locks: Patrick Kerney (DE), Lawrence Jackson (DE), Darryl Tapp (DE), Brandon Mebane (DT), Colin Cole (DT), Craig Terrill (DT), Red Bryant (DT), Corey Redding (DT/DE)
Bubble: Baraka Atkins (DE), Nick Reed (DE), Derek Walker (DE), Michael Bennett (DE), Kevin Brown (DT)

Very little intrigue as far as who'll make the 53-man roster. As long as the present group stay healthy, the eight "locks" listed above are assured of roster spots, with Redding's versatility allowing the ‘Hawks to possibly go into the season with just eight defensive linemen.


Players Brought to 2008 Training Camp: 9
Players Kept in 2008: 6
Players Brought to 2009 Training Camp: 9
Locks: Lofa Tatupu, Leroy Hill, Aaron Curry*
Bubble: D.D. Lewis, Will Herring, Lance Laury, David Hawthorne, Dave Philistin
Long-shot: Tony Taylor
*-Currently unsigned

Tatupu, Hill, and Curry comprise what may well be the most talented starting 4-3 linebacker trio in the NFL. Lewis, Herring, Laury, and Hawthorne are core members of the special teams, but those four may be battling for just three roster spots, with undrafted rookie Philistin also in the mix. Signed in May, Taylor is the last man at what is the Seahawks' deepest position.


Players Brought to 2008 Training Camp: 13 (7 CB, 6 S)
Players Kept in 2008: 7 (4 CB / 3 S)
Players Brought to 2009 Training Camp: 13 (7 CB / 6 S)
Locks: Marcus Trufant, Ken Lucas, Josh Wilson, Deon Grant, Jordan Babineaux
Bubble: Kelly Jennings, Kevin Hobbs, Travis Fisher, Brian Russell, Jamar Adams, C.J. Wallace, Courtney Greene
Long-Shots: Marquis Floyd

Trufant and Lucas are the starters, with Wilson the nickel cornerback. Grant starts at strong safety and Babineaux's versatility assures himself a spot on the 53-man roster. Jennings, Fisher, and Hobbs are in a three-way battle for the fourth cornerback spot, while Russell and Babineaux compete for the starting free safety job, with Adams, Wallace, and rookie Greene each capable of earning a spot. As the seventh corner, Floyd has his work cut out for him.

Camp Battle to Watch: Free Safety – Jordan Babineaux will reportedly get a chance to wrestle Brian Russell's starting free safety job this summer.

Camp Battle to Watch II: 4th Cornerback – 2006 first-round pick Kelly Jennings has gone from Week One starter in 2008 to battling Kevin Hobbs and Travis Fisher for the team's fourth cornerback spot.


Players Brought to 2008 Training Camp: 5
Players Kept in 2008: 4
Players Brought to 2009 Training Camp: 4
Locks: Jon Ryan, Kevin Houser
Bubble: Olindo Mare, Brandon Coutu

Mare and Coutu are kicking for one roster spot, while Ryan and Houser enter camp without any competition for their job, though a camp leg and/or a long-snapper, most likely Bryan Pittman, is sure to turn up at the VMAC at some point during camp.

Camp Battle to Watch: Kicker – Mare is coming off a season that was arguably worthy of a Pro Bowl appearance, while Coutu spent the entire 2008 season on the 53-man roster. Every kick this summer will be crucial.

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