NWFootball.net Power Rankings: Week 1

Dylan Johnson tells us who's hot and who's not in Week 1.

This Week Last Week Team Commentary
1 1 Pittsburgh Steelers I was underwhelmed with the Steelers victory last Thursday night, but none of the teams nipping at their heels played a quality opponent so they retain the top spot … for now.
2 3 Philadelphia Eagles Good teams are supposed to take advantage of mistakes, and the Eagles made Carolina pay dearly for each flub.  That said, why the hell was Andy Reid still dialing up passing plays with a massive lead in the 4th Quarter?  You just know that's going to come back and bite him at some point.
3 6 New York Giants The Giants made it look easy last Sunday and appear to have few chinks in the armor.  New York is poised to make a deep run this season.
4 4 New England Patriots The Pats looked extremely vulnerable, but then pulled of another 4th Quarter comeback.  I wonder how much more magic this team has?
5 5 Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis scrapped out a tough win against a divison rival.  Still, it's hard to imagine a Peyton Manning led offence making so many mistakes ...
6 10 New Orleans Saints I'd be a lot more impressed with the Saints if they hadn't given up 27 points against the moribund Lions.
7 8 San Diego Chargers With the game on the line, the Bolts were a well-oiled machine.  Where that offense was for the first 58 minutes of the game is beyond me.
8 7 Baltimore Ravens Fans in Baltimore have to be concerned that their much ballyhooed defense struggled mightily against Brady Coyle and the Chiefs.  That is not a good sign.
9 9 Atlanta Falcons The Falcons are proving that last season was no fluke.  Tony Gonzalez figured even larger in the offense then expected.
10 12 Tennessee Titans Tennessee outplayed the Steelers, but Jeff Fisher was outcoached.  It would appear that the loss of Albert Haynesworth was more significant than anyone thought.  The Titans generated zero pressure when they only rushed four.
11 18 Green Bay Packers Green Bay made an early bid for the Division title by surviving a tough battle with the rival Bears.  The defense played well, but I'd like to see a little more production from the other side of the ball.
12 2 Arizona Cardinals Losing your home opener to a team that didn't sniff the post-season last year bodes ill for the reigning NFC Champs.
13 14 Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson reestablished himself as the best running back in the NFL on Sunday.
14 15 Seattle Seahawks Seattle should be happy opening their season with a win, but they have to know that against a real team, their performance last Sunday wouldn't have cut the mustard.
15 16 New York Jets Rookie quarterback wins opener on the road.  It's more than Jet fans could have hoped for.
16 13 Chicago Bears Matt Forte is much more important to Chicago than Jay Cutler is.  If Chicago insists on putting the game on Cutler's shoulders, they will find themselves playing golf in January.
17 19 Dallas Cowboys Once again the Cowboys are off to a strong start, but we've been here before and we all know how it ends, right?
18 11 Carolina Panthers The Jake Delhomme Era is over, no matter what John Fox says.  It ain't often that a guy goes down in such a spectacular ball of flame …
19 23 Buffalo Bills Did you see that 100 yard stare from Dick Jauron on the sidelines after Leodis McKelvin's fumble?  He knew at that point that he was going to lose another heartbreaker …
20 31 San Francisco 49ers San Francisco announced they were for real this year by beating the NFC Champs in their own house.  Not that anyone west of the Rockies noticed.
21 21 Washington Redskins The fake FG was sweet.  The fact that your punter scored the same amount of points as your starting quarterback is not.
22 17 Miami Dolphins The Dolphins don't have the kind of talent to overcome losing the turnover battle.  Last season they were among the best in that category.
23 24 Jacksonville Jaguars Less than 120 yards passing isn't going to win you very many games.  Maurice Jones-Drew is a great player, but he can't do everything.
24 26 Denver Broncos Congrats.  A fluke play gave you win.  I wouldn't pin my hopes on getting that lucky every week.
25 25 Cincinnati Bengals Only the Bungles can manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like they did last week.  It's going to be a loooong season for the folks in Cincinnati.
26 30 Oakland Raiders There is talent on this team.  Imagine what they could do if they had a front office or a coaching staff that was competent?
27 20 Houston Texans The Texans got smacked in the mouth in their own house on Opening Day.  An ill omen in Houston.
28 22 Tampa Bay Buccaneers If Byron Leftwich didn't throw every pass like he was trying to kill his recievers, he might have completed a lot more of his passes.
29 29 Kansas City Chiefs The Cheifs offense did a nice job against an elite defense last week.  Unfortunately, the KC defense made Joe Flacco and Ray Rice look like Dan Marino and Barry Sanders.
30 32 Detroit Lions Good news in Motown -- you have an offense this season.  The bad news -- your defense is atrocious.
31 27 Cleveland Browns The Browns appear headed towards another frustrating season.
32 28 St. Louis Rams Q:  How do you finish a game +2 in turnovers and lose 28-0?  A:  You stink on ice.

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