Power Rankings: Week 4

Dylan Johnson updates the rankings, from worst to first.

This Week Last Week Team Commentary
1 1 NEW YORK GIANTS The Giants continue to bottom feed this week against Oakland.  They are, however, stil undefeated and winning big.
2 2 NEW ORLEANS SAINTS New Orleans offense looked human against the Jets last week but, on the other hand, the defense showed up.  Not a bad tradeoff.
3 4 INDIANAPOLIS COLTS The Colts are back in midseason form.  Consider yourself warned.
4 7 MINNESOTA VIKINGS He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named got what he came back for.  Now it remains to be seen if he keeps that fire in his belly for the rest of the season.
5 8 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Although New England is clearly not the offensive juggernaut they were in years past, they also are not ready to go gentle into that good night.
6 6 PHILADELPHIA EAGLES A bye week for Donovan's ribs to heal up was just what the doctor ordered.  That and a warm up game against one of the NFL's punching bags at home in Philly this Sunday.
7 3 BALTIMORE RAVENS Lord knows Joe Flacco wouldn't have drawn those roughing the passer calls.  The NFL is running the risk of turning into the NBA if they keep handing out "superstar calls" like that.
8 9 SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS Nobody is paying much attention the 49ers this year, which is a shame because they are playing some fine traditional football.
9 5 NEW YORK JETS Rookie quarterbacks are going to have lousy games.  No time to panic in New York.
10 10 ATLANTA FALCONS The Falcons return from the bye with a bellweather game against the surging 49ers.
11 15 CINCINNATI BENGALS The big difference between the beginning of 2009 and Bengals years past?  This year's model wins in overtime.
12 16 PITTSBURGH STEELERS The Steelers pass defense was non-existant the second half on Sunday Night.  They might want to fix that.
13 13 CHICAGO BEARS Chicago's record is good, but they've been handed their wins on a silver platter.  I'd like to see how they stand up to a little adversity.
14 19 DENVER BRONCOS Well, at 4-0 the Donkeys are making a fool out of me … although methinks there is still ample time for things to head south.
15 11 SAN DIEGO CHARGERS If the Bolts defense could have managed to play even marginally well, they'd have won in Pittsburgh.
16 12 GREEN BAY PACKERS Green Bay's offensive line was worse than the Seahawks last week.  Nuff said.
17 20 JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS Jacksonville finally woke up and pulverized the Titans last week.  Bad news for Seattle.
18 18 ARIZONA CARDINALS Arizona holds steady after a bye and will try to reassert control over the NFC West with a matchup against Houston.
19 21 HOUSTON TEXANS On behalf of fantasy football owners everywhere, I'd like to welcome back Steve Slaton to the land of the living.  Where have you been?
20 14 DALLAS COWBOYS Usually the Cowboys wait until December to fall apart.  I guess this is just an early Christmas present.
21 23 MIAMI DOLPHINS Maybe losing Pennington is a good thing.  Without trying to be more balanced on offense, the Fins got their first win of the season.
22 22 TENNESSEE TITANS The only reason Tennessee isn't lower than 22 is because I'd have to promote one of the stinkers below them, and I just can't bring myself to do that.
23 17 BUFFALO BILLS Buffalo was absolutely crushed by the winless Dolphins last week.  Maybe they should have invested in some defense rather than a wideout this offseason?
24 24 SEATTLE SEAHAWKS The Seahawks need Matt Hasselbeck back in the worst way.  And a few offensive linemen might help.  Maybe a cornerback, too.
25 25 DETROIT LIONS Detroit hung tough in the first half and then completely imploded in the second.  Still, they are showing signs of life, which is more than can be said for the teams found below them in the rankings.
26 26 WASHINGTON REDSKINS The Redskins are 2-2 by the providence of having played two dreadful teams.  Still, there are no points for style in the NFL.
27 29 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS Kansas City shows faint glimmers of hope but they always seem to snuff them out with ineptitude.
28 28 CAROLINA PANTHERS It's pretty sad when a bye marks the first time that the Cats haven't fallen in the rankings.
29 27 OAKLAND RAIDERS I've run out of ways to describe the suckitude of Oakland over the last 6 years.
30 31 TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS Tampa Bay wins the turnover battle and loses the game -- a hallmark of a really crappy team.
31 32 CLEVELAND BROWNS Derek Anderson helped the Browns score an offensive touchdown but couldn't manage to move the ball when his team needed it the most.
32 30 ST. LOUIS RAMS The Rams have lost their two divisional games by a combined score of 63-0. Top Stories