Seahawks Re-sign LS Jeff Robinson

The Seattle Seahawks officially signed 39-year old long-snapper Jeff Robinson on Tuesday.

As Kevin Houser lay in the hospital with a collapsed lung, the Seattle Seahawks rolled out the floodlights at the VMAC to shine the Long-Snapper signal into the sky, once again summoning Kennewick, Washington native Jeff Robinson to Renton to handle the long-snapping duties for the remainder of the season.

Robinson, who turns next February, officially signed on Tuesday, marking the third straight season an injury will put him in a Seahawks' uniform.

Houser has been placed on injured reserve.

Out of football in 2006, Robinson was called upon in December of 2007 to stabilize an important function of the special teams unit, which struggled due to low, slow snaps from Derek Rackley and fast, but often adventurous snaps from Boone Stutz.

Robinson would be called upon again in 2008 when sixth-round long-snapper Tyler Schmitt injured his back during the pre-season opener. Schmitt would land on injured reserve and Robinson would spend the entire season on the Seahawks' roster.

The former All-American defensive end from Idaho was a fourth-round selection by the Denver Broncos in 1993, and had 6.5 quarterback sacks before converting to long-snapper/tight end.

Robinson also has 8 career touchdown receptions, and helped the St. Louis Rams to a win in Super Bowl XXXIV.

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