Power Rankings: Wild-Card Edition

As the playoffs begin, NorthwestFootball.net's Dylan Johnson ranks the remaining entrants from 1 through 12.

This Week Team Commentary
1 SAN DIEGO CHARGERS San Diego is hottest team in the NFL right now.  Heading into the playoffs, they are riding an eleven-game win streak.
2 INDIANAPOLIS COLTS The Colts, and more specifially Peyton Manning, have been damn near perfect in the 4th quarter this year.  That's bad news for the rest of the AFC.
3 MINNESOTA VIKINGS One cannot overestimate how important the last game against the Giants was for the Vikings.  Not having Brett Farve playing outstide in the cold is the key to advancing to the Super Bowl for Minnesota.
4 NEW ORLEANS SAINTS New Orleans may have stumbled down the stretch, but they have more than enough talent to make a deep run this post season.
5 GREEN BAY PACKERS Green Bay won 7 out of their last 8 games and appears to have repaired the offensive line to a functional state.
6 DALLAS COWBOYS Dallas hosts a team they swept in the regular season.  Should be a no-brainer, right?  The Cowboys are 0-2 in the playoffs against teams they've swept during the regular season.
7 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS The Pats experience will help them, but the word "experience" also can mean "old" and New England's veteran team may not have enough gas in the tank to make it to the finish line.
8 PHILADELPHIA EAGLES Philly looked terrible against the Cowboys last weekend.  They've got the tools, but do they have the cojones?
9 ARIZONA CARDINALS Arizona has been better on the road then at home, and they are hosting a playoff game this weekend.  The Cardinals need to jump out to a quick lead or they're in big trouble.
10 NEW YORK JETS Forget all about the back door.  The Jets have the NFL's best rushing attack and the number one ranked defense.  They belong in the playoffs.
11 BALTIMORE RAVENS Baltimore are the Jets Lite.  A good rushing attack and a good defense, albeit not as good as New York's.  They will be hard pressed to get out of the Wildcard round.
12 CINCINNATI BENGALS Cincinnati is just too damn inconsistent to make it deep in the playoffs this year.


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