Seahawks Introduce Pete Carroll

The Seattle Seahawks introduced Pete Carroll as their new head coach on Tuesday.

"I am so fired up to be here today", Pete Carroll said at the beginning of a nearly 40-minute press conference at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, where he was introduced as the 8th head coach in Seattle Seahawks history.

Carroll began a fast-paced press conference by remarking on how Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke "undersold" him on the quality of the team's waterfront facilities, and how impressed he was with the organization's "vision and outlook for the future" during an over 10-minute, often breathless opening statement.

After winning seven Pac-10 titles and a pair of national championships at USC, Carroll said he was coming from a place where perfection was expected, and that he enjoyed working in that kind of atmosphere.

"Expectations are very high," Carroll said. "I love living in that world, setting standards so high, it almost doesn't seem feasible."

Coming from the college ranks, there are naturally going to be questions about whether or not he would have to alter his coaching style to succeed at the NFL level.

"These are the same guys, just older," Carroll said, adding that he doesn't mind the reputation he has of being a player's coach, because he has to be able to communicate with the player in order to get the most out of him.

"Whatever it takes to get that done, I'll do it."

There were also questions about his track record as an NFL head coach, where he posted a 33-31 record in stints with the New York Jets and New England Patriots.

"With the Jets and Patriots, I didn't know who I was as a football coach," Carroll said.

"I'm not the same. Hopefully, I'm better."

Carroll hadn't had an opportunity to delve too deeply into evaluating the team's current roster, but he did mention his eagerness to work with Matt Hasselbeck, and that quarterbacks were "the key element" towards building a winning program.

Defensively, Carroll said that there were some commonalities between the defense he intends to bring with him from USC to Seattle.

No defensive coordinator has been identified (New Mexico State head coach DeWayne Walker has been rumored to be joining Carroll in Seattle), and Carroll expects to meet with the team's coaching staff in the coming days to discuss their futures with the team during this difficult time.

"There are tremendous coaches here", he said.

The offense will shift, Carroll said, while declining an opportunity to confirm an report that Houston Texans consultant Alex Gibbs would be joining the Seahawks in some role.

What Carroll would say about the on-field product was that his Seahawks' teams will play with great effort and enthusiasm, and will play tough, smart football, on Sundays and during practice.

"How you practice is what makes you," Carroll said.

Acknowledging that he can't do it all himself, Carroll said that he is "going to need help" in "orchestrating the performance of this club", and that he was eager to begin the search for a new general manager, which he said would get underway to start that afternoon.

(For more on the GM candidates, click here.)

Being involved in the search for a new general manager "hugely important to him", Carroll said, adding that they were still in the process of figuring out how the collaboration between he and the new general manager would work.

"It's a blast to be a Seahawk", Carroll said to close the press conference.

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