Seahawks Introduce John Schneider

Seattle Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke (left) introduced John Schneider (right) as the franchise's new general manager on Wednesday.

The Seattle Seahawks introduced general manager John Schneider on Wednesday, and Seahawks CEO Tod Leiweke took the opportunity to address the elephant in the room, declaring that any coin-toss scenarios would go to the head coach.

"If some day there is a dispute between these guys and there's a coin toss, we're going to build the team around this man (Carroll) and the players," Leiweke said. "And that was an important thing he signed on.

"Pete wins the coin toss, but that's not an issue because (Schneider) walked in Day One saying we have a special coach and we're going to build a team around the philosophy of this coach. And that's I think when the sparks started to fly in that discussion."

For Schneider, who brings 17 years of experience working under and alongside some of most well-respected personnel executives and head coaches in the league, collaborating with Carroll isn't an issue.

"I've been blessed to work in different structures where there was a president, for instance, or a head coach who had the final say," Schneider said. "And a general manager structure as well. Not once have I been in a situation where it was a personnel guy trying to jam a player down a coach's throat.

"My personal opinion is a personnel guy that is going to try to do that is basically killing himself," he said. "Doing what we do, we're here to build the team that's going to be structured around coach Carroll, his philosophies for every position, what we're going to be doing on offense, what we're going to be doing on defense.

"Do I have core beliefs? Absolutely, but we're going to work through those things. Sometimes from the outside, it's fun to talk about, but the reality is, we're a team. It's the ultimate team sport."

Schneider admitted that the unorthodox way the Seahawks went about hiring the general manager—after a powerful head coach was in place—initially gave him pause, but ultimately made the job more appealing to him. Schneider shares Carroll's vision of building an atmosphere of competition throughout the organization, and the need to get younger players on the team. Schneider referred to the draft as the "lifeblood" of the team, but that all avenues will be pursued when it comes to acquiring talent.

One concession that Schneider did get was that John Idzik, the team's contract/cap guy, will report to him, and not to Leiweke, as the club previously outlined.

Both Schneider and Carroll will report to Leiweke.

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