Maryland T Bruce Campbell on Seahawks' Radar

Maryland offensive tackle Bruce Campbell, who has impressed scouts with his size and workouts, met with the Seattle Seahawks this week.

Maryland offensive tackle Bruce Campbell cemented his status as a first-round prospect when he measured in at 6-6 and weighed 314 pounds, with 36 1/4" arms on Thursday.

Campbell did 34 reps in the 225-pound bench press on Friday, and when he hit Lucas Oil Stadium for on-field workouts on Saturday, posted unofficial times of 4.78 and 4.81 in the 40-yard dash.

Campbell has been described as one of the most improving looking physical specimens scouts have ever seen, as he has very little fat on his 6-6, 314-pound frame. His father was a basketball player, so Campbell attributes his physique to good genes.

"It's genetics, you know," Campbell said on Thursday. "I didn't really work hard at it until I really started to see how to use my body. 'If I lift, this is how much bigger I could get.' That's what it was."

There are questions about Campbell's technique, as he only started 17 games at Maryland before declaring for the NFL Draft. Campbell knows he has room for improvement, technique-wise, perhaps more so than the rest of the tackle prospects.

"I do. I really do. I feel everyone has room for improvement," Campbell said. "But I feel like I have a little more. My first year, I'm really going to work on it because I really want to get in and play. I'm not the type of person who comes to the NFL and is satisfied with just being here.

"I actually want to do something in the NFL."

Campbell has met with the St. Louis Rams, who have the first overall pick in this year's draft, though that's probably a case of the Rams meeting with all the top prospects in case they trade down from the top spot. Campbell has also met with the Oakland Raiders (who pick 8th), the Houston Texans (20th), and the tackle-needy Indianapolis Colts, who pick 31st.

Campbell also spoken to the Seattle Seahawks, who hold the 6th and 14th picks in this year's draft and have a major need at the left tackle position.

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