Mora Unloads on Seahawks

Former Seattle Seahawks head coach Jim Mora unloaded on his former employer, and discussed his future plans on Monday.

Former Seattle Seahawks head coach Jim Mora appeared on "The Kevin Calabro Show" on 710 ESPN Seattle, and he didn't pull any punches about his former employer.

"I'm over the fact that I got fired, I'm over the fact that—well, mostly I'm over most of what happened, not all of it," Mora said after accompanying one of his four kids on a field trip to the State Capitol in Olympia. "There's a couple of things that stick in my craw..."

When asked what those were, Mora said "To be perfectly honest, there's two things, and only two things. I think that the Seahawks as an organization have every right to make any decision they want to make, and they had a right to fire me, that's just the way it goes.

"The two things that bother me are this: They sent me out to do a press conference on that Wednesday after the season, while they were down in L.A. interviewing Pete Carroll, which, to mem was inexcusable, and number two, I've never talked to Paul Allen. Those are the only two things that bother me. Other than that, it's all water under the bridge.

"Absolutely," Mora replied when asked if he feels his firing was unjustified. "I'm not going to say that I feel I don't feel that way, I absolutely feel that way. There's (11) coaches hired last year, I think four or five of us improved our win-loss record over the year before, and only one was fired.

"The one (who) was fired is a guy who's been the NFL Coach of the Year one year, has been to the NFC Championship Game, was totally committed to his organization, and I don't know, you know, that was me. But I don't want to get back into that. Like I said, I've moved past it."

Well, Mora has sort of moved past it.

"I'm not going to say I wish the organization well," Mora continued. "I wish the players well. I have a lot of good friends that are players there, and I wish the best for them. I've been a Seahawks fan since 1976, and uh, I can't say right now that I feel that same way. Maybe I will one day again, but I'm still a fan of the city. Like I said, I love this city. I'm trying to figure out a way to stay here and coach, and I don't think that's going to work out."

Mora, who has a reputation for, as fellow former Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren would say, telling you how the watch was made when asked for the time, blamed Seahawks public relations director Dave Pearson for his lengthy press conferences.

"That would be our p.r. guy's job to cut it off," Mora snapped when asked about his dealings with the media. "That's his job, not mine. My job is not to say that the press conference is over. The director of public relations, who is paid very handsomely, that's his job to do. So I just did what I was asked as head football coach under the terms of my contract, and that was to speak until the director of public relations, Dave Pearson, said 'Last question', and then I would stop answering questions. So if there's a criticism there, it certainly wouldn't be aimed at me, it would be aimed at the guy in charge of public relations."

Without a public relations director to cut his interview on Monday off, Mora took jabs at new Seahawks quarterback Charlie Whitehurst and general manager John Schneider.

"I had no idea who Charlie Whitehurst was until there was talk about him," Mora said. "I had never heard of the guy. Then I was reminded that he was the guy who threw the interception to Nick Reed in the pre-season. So, I don't know much about the guy....I have some friends on the San Diego staff, and they're feeling pretty darn good about the deal.

"I know that--Snyder, Schneider--whatever the GMs name is, I'm not sure what his first name is, I know he's a good talent evaluator. I do know that. I know that he's very respected in the league as a guy that has an eye for talent, so he obviously saw something there. Time will tell."

Mora thwarted rumors that he's helping coach at Bellevue High School, but he is still coaching, helping coach son's baseball, basketball, and lacrosse team, even though he doesn't know anything about the sport, "but of course, that didn't stop me last year, did it?", Mora joked about coaching Bill Belichick's sport.

Mora expects to get back into coaching next year, but recognizes that it will be tough to move his family out of Seattle.

"I love coaching. In order to coach, I'm probably going to have to move. And moving means taking my family away from the city that I love, and want them to grow up in, so that's where I'm struggling right now," Mora said, adding that the NFL might not be his next landing spot.

Mora is preparing for college jobs, learning the rules and plans to visit some schools to see how their programs are structured. Mora is also planning on being involved in broadcasting in the fall.

"I'm working for the NFL Network, pro bono," said Mora. "I'm not going to take anyone's money when I'm getting paid by the Seahawks. It looks like I'm going to be working for FOX. I've met with ESPN, and next week or the week after, I'm going to New York to meet with NBC and CBS, so I've got some real good possibilities there.

"I don't know, we're just going to take the next 9 months as a family, and see how we feel about things."

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