Seahawks 2010 Draft Preview: STs

A specialist is a long-shot to be drafted by the Seattle Seahawks this year, but Jacoby Ford (left) could be an option to improve the 'Hawks lackluster return game.

Seahawks 2010 Draft Preview: Specialists

In the Fold: Olindo Mare, Jon Ryan, Tom Malone, Patrick MacDonald
Draft need: 1 (scale of 1-5)

The one certainty is that the Seahawks absolutely, positively do not need a punter. Ryan was signed to a six-year, $9.1 million dollar contract extension immediately after the regular season, and Tom Malone will provide a camp leg for the ‘Hawks to test punt returners and give Ryan a rest for what could be another busy season.

With Mare guaranteed $2.814 million dollars in 2010, the Seahawks will not draft a kicker, but could sign a leg for mini-camps and training camp.

MacDonald has never snapped in an NFL game, so the Seahawks could certainly upgrade in that department. Clint Gresham (TCU) is the most highly-rated snapper in the draft, meaning he's a late seventh-round prospect. Boston College linebacker Mike McLaughlin is also a late-round prospect who can also handle snapping duties, and is willing to do so if it means an NFL roster spot.

Seattle's return game also could use an upgrade, and players mentioned earlier in this series who could help include Kyle Wilson (CB, Boise State), Devin McCourty (CB, Rutgers), and A.J. Jefferson (CB, Fresno State). Mid-round wide receivers Mardy Gilyard (Cincinnati), Andre Roberts (The Citadel), and Jacoby Ford (Clemson) may also be on the Seahawks' radar based on their return ability.

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