Steelers Sunday Notebook:

Clearing out the week-long notebook on Steelers-Titans game day:

Still don't believe in the Curse of the Terrible Towel?

Well, The Tennesseandoes.

Nashville's metro newspaper had a story this week about the end of the 2008 game when LenDale White and Keith Bulluck stomped on the towel, and Jevon Kearse blew his nose into it. What's interesting is the aftermath:

* The Titans lost the next eight games, including the first-round game of a playoffs over which they were the top seed.

* White fumbled in that playoff game, was traded, and is now sitting out the year with a torn ACL.

* Kearse was benched last season and released after it. He's out of the league.

* Bulluck blew out his knee last year and is now with the New York Giants.

The Titans didn't make the playoffs last season, after their 0-6 start, but hope they've lifted the curse by ridding themselves of the involved parties.

The Cincinnati Bengals would understand that thinking. AFC North Division champs in 2005, the Bengals beat the Steelers late in the season and T.J. Houshmandzadeh wiped his feet with the Terrible Towel. The Steelers upset the Bengals in the first round of the playoffs, and the Bengals didn't return to the post-season until last season – after letting Houshmandzadeh go.

After playing last season with the Seattle Seahawks, Houshmandzadeh was released. He's now with the Baltimore Ravens – the doomed Baltimore Ravens.


Lawrence Timmons made 11 tackles in a sterling performance last Sunday. Some called it a breakout game for the 24-year-old former first-round pick.

"He had an all-around game," said LaMarr Woodley. "If he can stay healthy and we can get that all year, we definitely can do a lot of things with this defense."

Woodley, though, said Timmons is just the tip of what could become a true wrecking crew at linebacker.

"This is going to be Timmons's year to go to the Pro Bowl," said Woodley, who played with James Harrison in last season's Pro Bowl. Woodley was then asked if all three will make it this season.

"All four," he said. "And then maybe this will be the year they give our defensive line some respect."


Timmons said that James Harrison and Ryan Clark are the hardest-working Steelers in the business. Another of the blue-collar guys, Aaron Smith, said it's all Harrison.

"There isn't a guy on this team who works harder," said Smith. "Whether it's practice, training, James is unbelievable. He's like a machine sometimes. The man goes in there and gets after it in the weight room, crushes himself, then comes in here and goes to a meeting. He goes to practice and goes harder than anybody else, runs to the ball harder than anyone else. He works like he's in a game. And then when we don't have to put the pads on, he wears his little weight vest and runs around with that thing on. He's like a machine. I keep waiting for him to wear down, but he's not doing it."


Titans coach Jeff Fisher on whether he "de-briefed" Patrick Bailey after the Steelers cut him and Fisher signed him:

"It has to be something about the drive from Pittsburgh to Nashville because they forget everything.

"Bailey did good. I know it wasn't an easy decision for the Steelers to cut a player like Patrick who can play special teams like he can."

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