Even new Steelers see Ravens coming

From rookies to coaches, the newcomers tell Mike Prisuta they're prepared for the ferocity of Ravens-Steelers.

This Ravens-Steelers thing has been raging for years, but you need not have been with the Steelers for years to appreciate it.

Flozell Adams got here this summer, and Flo knows.

"I was told in training camp," Adams said. "We've been looking forward to this for quite a while."

Rookie linebacker Stevenson Sylvester maintains he knows what Steelers-Ravens means "just from what I've seen on TV.

"I'm personally excited to be a part of it," he said. "You get into those defensive battles and you know it's a great game, especially when you keep your eyes on the screen of a low-scoring game. You know a game's exciting when nobody's scoring any points but you're just glued to the screen because you want to find out what happens next."

Wide receivers coach Scottie Montgomery played against the Ravens as a wide receiver for the Broncos. That didn't get Montgomery clued in as to what Pittsburgh-Baltimore means, but his wide receivers have gotten him up to speed.

"The impression was made upon me by my guys," Montgomery said. "They made me understand really quickly.

"When I say ‘move' right now, they're moving. And I don't mean in drills, I'm talking about in the meeting room. They understand the importance. It's not like we're preparing any different, it's just that they're preparing a little shaper and closer in detail. "These guys are ready to play hard, that's one thing I can say."

The wide receivers have literally told Montgomery that much.

"We've had a couple of speeches from guys in the room, which I love," he said. "I like to give my veteran guys two or three minutes twice a week. I gave (Antwaan Randle) El two or three mines and then I came back and Hines (Ward) got his two or three minutes in the meeting room just to talk about the physicality of the game.

"After the speeches I think I could have played two or three snaps. We know we have to be the (more) physical of the two groups. That's what we plan on doing."

In trying to gauge a team's state of readiness, the wide receivers talking about the need to dominate physically is usually a pretty clear indication as it relates to the Steelers.

"You know when," Randle El said of his decision to address his position group this week. "You just know when it's needed. Baltimore week, it's certainly needed."

And this is coming from the wide receivers.

This one's all about physicality, which means it'll also be about running the ball. With all respect to Ray Rice, who has hurt the Steelers before and who is capable of doing so again, the real issue is whether or not the suddenly run-susceptible Ravens will be gashed by Rashard Mendenhall.

The Steelers wide receivers are apparently committed to making that happen. The sooner they do so, the quicker they can get fed on the other end of Charlie Batch's play-action passes.

And then the true trash-talking can commence.

"It's something similar to what we had in Dallas against Philly and New York," Adams said. "I'm happy to be a part of it because rivalries are fun.

"I can't wait to get at 'em, along with the others. It should be a good one. It will be a good one."

Added Montgomery: "All of them count, but the most important one is this Sunday."

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