Q&A: Dick LeBeau

Reporters fired these questions at Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau after James Harrison returned to practice Thursday:

Dick LeBeau, defensive coordinator, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: Were you worried about James Harrison?

A: I just coach them one day at a time. He was out there today. That's all I'm thinking about.

Q: Was it a good hit?

A: I think it doesn't matter what I think. Coach Tomlin is doing all the talking about that situation.

Q: When did all of this head-to-head stuff begin creeping in?

A: I'm not real sure about that. There's more coverage of the game. It's probably always been there, but the coverage is more extensive perhaps.

Q: Do you see a big change coming?

A: I don't think so. Rules are what they are: rules. All 32 teams are playing under the same rules, so we will conduct ourselves accordingly. We've always played by the rules.

Q: If a player pulls back, isn't he at greater risk for injury himself?

A: I don't think anyone's going to ask their players to let up. The focus is going to be what the league office asks for and that's what we're going to try to give them.

Q: How do you teach guys, particularly in the secondary? Should they focus on a lower part of the body?

A: Well things evolve. The parameters of the rules are what they are and you establish your teaching points around that. It's not a great problem, really. We'll always teach within the confines of the rules.

Q: Does it change at all how you teach?

A: No. We're always teaching legal hits, and hustle to the ball, and play legally.

Q: Was it done differently in your day?

A: Well we did a lot of things differently in my day, but that's a long time ago. Being the rules are for everybody then everybody must abide by the rules. It's that simple. It doesn't matter what we did when I played.

Q: You don't have any concerns about James's mental state, do you?

A: I have none, none whatsoever.

Q: How did he do today?

A: He was excellent.

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