Q&A: Isaac Redman

Each week the Steelers put more on the plate of first-year running back Isaac Redman. Here, Redman gets specific:

Isaac Redman, running back, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: Are you feeling better every week?

A: Yeah.

Q: Improving at fullback?

A: I'm getting the hang of playing fullback. The first time they put me in there I wasn't real comfortable, but each week it feels like I'm getting better and learning more.

Q: When you line up in front of Rashard Mendenhall, are you still considered part of the Pony package or are you a fullback?

A: It's still considered Pony, but I'm also in the Tens package as well.

Q: What's that?

A: Fullback, two tight ends and one wide receiver.

Q: So, in the Pony you're considered one of two halfbacks?

A: Right. For the most part I don't do any blocking on linebackers. This week is actually the first week they've had me leading up on linebackers. For the most part I'm on safeties and cornerbacks.

Q: Then this week will be a big test for you, right?

A: Yes.

Q: You must be showing gradual improvement for them to make this move, right?

A: Yeah. I had one chance in camp to lead up on a linebacker in a power play, and I did pretty good at it. So now they just want to check me out this week to see if they want me to do it in the game.

Q: This is not how you envisioned your career as a running back, is it?

A: No (laughs). I'd never played fullback in my life. But, you know, the more you can do around here. Wherever they want to put me in, I'll just try my best.

Q: Did spending last year on the practice squad cause you to better appreciate playing fullback?

A: It did. It's a big difference in the check, in everything. On the practice squad, you're working as hard as everyone else but you don't get to play in the games. That was the biggest thing. Now that I'm actually on the team I really appreciate the opportunity even more.

Q: If you don't mind me asking, what is the difference in the checks?

A: Now I'm making like $18,000 every two weeks. Last year it was $6,000 every two weeks.

Q: Does the team like what you've been giving them at tailback?

A: Yeah. The running backs coach told me he likes what I'm doing. I'm running hard and converting the third-and-shorts, which is what they really want me to do. They said this week me and Mewelde Moore are each going to get a series because, you know, Mendenhall has been taking a lot of abuse and has been in there for a lot of snaps, and at the rate he's going he's not going to be able to finish the season, taking that many snaps. So they're going to try to take the load off him and get me and Mewelde in more, so I'm looking forward to that.

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