New Turf Installed At Heinz Field

A new hybrid turf that stadium officials expect to be more durable than traditional grass will be installed at the Heinz Field later this month.<br> <br> "Heinz Field is a first-class facility that accommodates multiple teams and activities," said Dan Rooney, president of the Steelers, who manage Heinz Field. "We want the playing surface to equal the standards of the rest of the facility.

"Given the challenges of maintaining the traditional grass surfaces in the Northeast and the amount of activity on the field, we felt this new hybrid surface would be the best route."

"The Pittsburgh Steelers have done an outstanding job researching what would be the best playing surface option for our teams at Heinz Field," said Marc Boehm, University of Pittsburgh athletic director. "In selecting the DD Grass System, we will have at our disposal a revolutionary turf that has tremendous durability. It is a proven system not only nationally, but also in Europe where soccer teams play on it. I know the DD Grass System will be of great benefit for the Panthers, Steelers and our local high school teams."

The turf, DD GrassMaster, is a natural grass field. It is a combination of Kentucky bluegrasses, reinforced with polypropylene fibers that are sewn vertically into the sod every ¾ of an inch. The sand-based stabilization product was developed in Holland by Desso DLW Sports Systems in the late 1980s and has been installed in playing surfaces since 1992. To date, it has been installed on more than 160 fields.

In addition to many European athletic facilities, the surface is presently installed at the Denver Broncos' Invesco Field and B-Mets Stadium, home of the minor league baseball Binghamton (N.Y.) Mets, in the United States.

Installation is expected to be completed in early spring. Cost of the project is approximately $700,000.

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