Best of Media Day

There must be a hundred or so quote sheets from Media Day. Here are some of the more interesting comments:

* Bruce Arians on team unity:

"The game part is the easy part. I've never been around a group that's been in the building so much on Mondays and Tuesdays. They're in there shooting pool, playing ping pong. They do a lot of things together. They have rituals: offensive line Thursday night, Ben's Monday nights. And it's a bunch of different guys – offensive guys, defensive guys. It's a very close group and when people tell them they can't do something or haven't done something, it affects all of us. Sunday is just putting all of that together."

* Arians on being hired as Steelers offensive coordinator:

"I met Mike [Tomlin] at the Pro Bowl the year we coached the Pro Bowl. He was there with Ronde Barber and Ronde's father was my roommate in college. We had a great week out there. It was the first time I'd spent much time with him (Tomlin) and I got to know him. I really liked him. Then he comes in, boom, and he gets the job, and Mr. [Dan] Rooney says, ‘You're staying.' I said, ‘OK, I'm staying.' It's worked out great."

* Packers coach Mike McCarthy, 47, on growing up in Pittsburgh:

"I remember all of the Super Bowls. Growing up in Pittsburgh it seemed like it was a little bit of an old hat. You had the four Super Bowls and the Pirates won the World Series in '71 and '79. The University of Pittsburgh won the national championship in '76. The biggest thing I remember about the first Super Bowl was the city's reaction to it. It had been 40 years, and Mr. Rooney, what he meant to the city, and for the city to have that success. I was a Steelers fan and Jack Lambert was my favorite player."

* Hines Ward on the difference between Bill Cowher and Tomlin:

"Coach Tomlin isn't going to put restrictions on grown men. We know what's at stake. All coach Tomlin asks us to do is don't be that guy, don't get arrested, don't go out and do anything stupid. Yesterday was our first time here, so a lot of guys are going to have fun. After today, Media Day, you won't see guys out. It's about football."

* Ward on Cowboys Stadium:

"I don't know how much it cost to build this stadium, but this is by far the best stadium in all of the NFL."

* Casey Hampton on the Steelers wearing white jerseys Sunday:

"We've been winning in the white jerseys so the white jerseys have been good. Me personally, I like the black jerseys because I look like a complete and total mess in this white jersey. It kind of makes my stomach look a little bigger."

* Hampton on whether this Super Bowl feels different than the others:

"No, it never feels different. It always feels great. It always feels the same. You can't describe it. It's like when you come to do it all over again, it's like the first time all over again."

* Charles Woodson on Dallas feeling like Green Bay because of the cold weather:

"Way too much. Way too much. I thought I was going to get the vacation feeling out here today but it didn't happen."

* Mike Wallace on whether the Green Bay corners have the speed to say with him:

"I don't know. We'll see on Sunday. They say they do, but I don't think so."

* Wallace on the most confident of the three young Steelers receivers:

"First it was me. It was a landslide at first, but I don't know. It's a toss-up. You could probably pick anybody you want now. They came a long way. Emmanuel [Sanders] probably has the most confidence out of all of us right now because he thinks this is his city and we made it to the Super Bowl, so he has to show off. Hopefully he does."

* Green Bay rookie Andrew Quarless from Penn State:

"People in Pennsylvania, they love their Steelers. That's Steeler Nation. I can't wait to get out there and make them feel bad."

* James Harrison on playing for Dick LeBeau:

"I don't think I've had coach LeBeau yell at me one time, and I've been here nine years almost. You don't want to let him down. You don't want to let him down because you don't want to hurt him. You don't want to see his feelings hurt. You don't want to be that guy. He's like a father figure to a lot of us and you go out there and you play for your father."

* LeBeau on being elected to the Hall of Fame and going to the Super Bowl in the past year:

"I don't think you could write a better script. It's right out of Hollywood, only I'm getting to live it. I'm still pinch myself in the morning when I get up. Is this really happening? It's been dreams coming true, not a dream coming true. It's been plural. How fortunate can you be?"

* Brett Keisel on his pre-game rituals:

"I kiss my shoes before the game to give me a little bit of love. I listen to the same music I always listen to: Johnny Cash. I have my own little routine and then I'm ready to go."

* Keisel on the weather in Dallas:

"We call this Steeler weather out here, and I love that. It is pretty crazy. It's a sheet of ice everywhere you go."

* Troy Polamalu on how he got his number:

"There was a safety named Grant Pearsall who wore 43 when I went to USC. And I guess in the tradition of safeties I took his number."

* Polamalu on beating Clay Matthews for Defensive Player of the Year:

"He was well deserving of winning the award, but I'm sure he's much like myself in that he'd rather win the Lombardi."

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