Pittsburgh is too far from home

UDFA Terrence Edwards decided he didn't want to play for the Steelers after all. Soon after Pittsburgh announced signing Edwards, his high school coach stated that Edwards reconsidered and signed with the Falcons.

When asked what positions the Pittsburgh Steelers would look to address from the group of undrafted free agents in the post-draft press conference, Bill Cowher twice said "receivers."

At just over 6 feet, the Steelers thought they had found their second slot receiver in the lottery that is the undrafted free agent pool. Terrence Edwards was a standout wide out at the University of Georgia, a school that Cowher has been quite fond of over the last few years, and the SEC's all-time leading receiver. Of all the UDFA players, Edwards quickly generated the most buzz among the fans and media. The Steelers thought they had unearthed a post-draft gem.

Evaluating this year's Steeler UDFA class, SteelCitySports' Jim Wexell had this to say about Edwards, "Edwards, the younger brother of NFL running back Robert Edwards, was a former basketball player at Georgia before joining the football team in 1999 and catching 53 passes for 772 yards. He started every game in 2000 and again caught 53 passes. In 2001, Edwards' production slipped to 39 receptions, and last year he separated his shoulder but finished with 59 catches for 1,004 yards and 11 touchdowns.

"He weighs only 177 pounds, but with a roster spot open Edwards chose to sign with the Steelers and hopes to become the team's second slot receiver behind Antwaan Randle El."

All that disappeared later Monday afternoon when Terrence Edwards' former High School Coach at Washington County, Rick Tomberlin, announced that Edwards had changed his mind and signed with the Atlanta Falcons. Edwards is from Georgia and there he will likely stay. Certainly, the Steelers loss is the Falcons gain. However, a homesick Edwards may have struggled in camp and underachieved. Both parties are probably better off with the way things eventually worked out.

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