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So, after all the speculation, Troy Polamalu (Po-la-MA-lu) was the pick. Knowing that he will be an upgrade over Sammy Knight and Lee Flowers makes me happy. He will be the starter come opening day. The Steelers gave up too much for him to <I>not</I> be starting along-side Brent Alexander.

No matter what anyone says, Mike Logan is just too good at nickel back to spoil it by making him a starter. With all the 4 wideout spreads the Steelers will see this year, Logan will be on the field more than Casey Hampton anyway.
  • I think the dumbest pick in the first round was Indianapolis taking TE Dallas Clark. Sure, they got SS Mike Doss in round 2, but are you telling me that the Colts wouldn't have upgraded their defense with Boss Bailey? But Clark fits the mold of all Indy tight ends. He can catch but he can't block worth a rat's behind.
  • Something tells me Brian St. Pierre may be in the Steeler mix for a long time. He could be the career back-up they've been searching for since Mike Tomczak. He's got a good, accurate arm. He's mobile. And my favorite aspect of St. Pierre is that he's got moxie in a collapsing pocket. Let Clements work out his decision-making skills and season him a year or two in the pros.
  • It was funny on Saturday to watch Brian Billick say with a straight face that Kyle Boller was their man from the get-go. Billick wanted Byron Leftwich bad. Real bad.
  • It was even funnier watching Dennis Green try to hide his embarrassment afer his former Vikings screwed up what looked to be a text book trade.
  • Someone at ESPN better tell Dennis Green that he needs to either drink some Throat-Coat or stop yelling like a football coach. He can't have it both ways. He sounded like the male version of Carol Channing.
  • Butch Davis won't last in Cleveland another 2 years.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals, for all intents and purposes, had an absolutely brilliant draft. They were given an uncontested lay-up and then slam-dunked the competition. Taking CB Dennis Weathersby in the 4th round (he was projected by some to go as high as #28) was a great move. He'll recover from his gunshot wound in time for camp, and the Bengals will have taken 4 players (Carson Palmer, Weathersby, WR Kelley Washington, OL Eric Steinbach) that may very well start on opening day. This isn't the 1974 Steeler draft by any means, but things are definitely different in Bengal-land.
  • All those rumors about Ron Dayne are just that - rumors. If Dayne came here this summer he would be cut before the season opener. Dayne isn't fast; he isn't quick on his feet; he doesn't explode to the hole; and he can't convert short-yardage situations. In fact, the only reason Dayne is still in the NFL is because of Mr. Heisman.
  • Before everyone gets ga-ga over Ivan "The Terrible" Taylor, let us all remember that he is a "project" and he only has to beat out Hank Poteat to win a job. This doesn't mean he's going to be a savior in the secondary.
  • On that same note, he has the easiest path (aside from Polamalu) to win a job with the Steelers. He just has to play better than Hank Poteat in camp. That shouldn't be too hard for most cornerbacks.
  • You've got to feel for Arizona-bound Pitt standout Gerald Hayes. He gets to go to a No Man's Land where the NFL and Pittsburgh fans will forget that he's even playing. He gets to go from a successful collegiate program to a farm team. Oh well, say hi to Mr. Bidwell, Gerald, with a smile on your face but a cold heart because the amount of dough he'll be willing to shell out to sign you won't pay for a night at the La Mont.
  • What's Travis Henry thinking? The guy is a Pro Bowl caliber running back and the Bills, via the mind of Tom Donahoe, draft Willis McGahee. If Henry didn't have Bill Cowher's phone number on speed dial before, he will now.

John Biles

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