Woodley Locked Up

The Steelers lowered their cap number and locked up another defensive star by signing LaMarr Woodley to a 6-year, $61.5 million deal.

LATROBE – Let the big dogs hunt.

After LaMarr Woodley signed a six-year contract that could eventually pay him $61.5 million, his bookend in mayhem, James Harrison, talked about their pending celebration.

"We just eatin' meat a-l-l-l day," said Harrison.

The Steelers expect they'll save room for quarterbacks this season, and why not? The two outside linebackers have more sacks – 71½ -- over the last three seasons than any other pass-rushing duo in the NFL.

Woodley and Harrison have 5½ more sacks during that time than do Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. And the three-year number is higher than any other duo in Steelers history.

But now they're putting up similarly gaudy contract numbers. Harrison signed a $51 million deal two years ago.

"The car he got is not good enough, so we're going to have to step our game up," Harrison joked.

"You know, it's a lotta ‘we' now. Woodley done got paid so it's ‘us,' and we [are] going to have to step our game up to a better car."

But Woodley likes his old Buick Roadmaster. He'll use his money to instead set up his family for generations.

"A lot of people think the money is just for now," Woodley said. "But I kind of look at it for the future, for my kids and my kids' kids, and [for it to] be passed on for many generations.

"That's always something I've talked about ever since I was younger. I hopefully wanted to make a lot of money one day so it could be passed on from generation to generation. Right now, I'm at a point where I can do that."

Woodley said his three-year-old daughter Gabrielle "knows a little bit about football, knows Hines Ward and some of the big names on our team, and I'm amazed by that, but she doesn't understand this situation now. When she gets a little bit older, then she will understand that."

Woodley's teammates, of course, understand it right now. They understand that he was just handed a $22.5 million bonus check, and so they took his headphones away at breakfast to let him know about it.

"They've been talking ever since," Woodley said. "Somebody asked me if I was going to buy an island. Somebody told me to buy the camera from the cameraman and buy him a new one. Am I gonna buy a yacht? All kinds of jokes: dinner on me, everything. They want me to get rid of my old Buick Roadmaster car I got. I can't get rid of that."

But what about eatin' meat all day?

Harrison said Woodley was buying dinner at Morton's and dessert at Ruth's Chris.

"I ain't buying them dinner," Woodley said. "They can go to my favorite place, which is Applebee's, if they want to go out and eat."

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