Q&A: Weslye Saunders

Jim Wexell caught Steelers rookie TE Weslye Saunders coming off the practice field and asked him a few questions:

Weslye Saunders, tight end, Pittsburgh Steelers

Q: How did your college episode go down with the Steelers?

A: Well I think all 32 teams were interested in that episode being the fact that I didn't play at all last seaon. There were some concerns there as far as my broken foot and it's probably the reason why I went undrafted.

I visited here before the draft and got to talk to the coaches and I think they believe that I wasn't the bad character guy that I was portrayed to be. I was able to come in and hopefully I'm proving all the critics wrong.

Q: The worst part is that Steve Spurrier said you lied.

A: I haven't really read that stuff. I don't know the ins and outs. All I know is my school said they weren't going to file for my reinstatement and that was that.

Everything's clean now. Hopefully it's a new beginning and hopefully I can compete for a job here and help the Steelers win the Super Bowl.

Q: You're in shape. I read you had a 'doughy physique.' Did you go crazy working out this offseason?

A: I had to. I had to. I read those reviews because at one point in my collegiate career I was up to 285 after I sprained my ankle, but since my senior year I really haven't had a doughy physique. I've cut down on the fast foods and have been working hard. I hope it's been showing out here.

Q: How difficult is learning this stuff?

A: It's pretty difficult but you can't forget that I played for the offensive guru Steve Spurrier, so picking up the offense wasn't really that hard coming here. I do have him to thank for him. No hard feelings at all. No reason to be bitter because I made the mistakes that I made. Like coach [Mike] Tomlin says, no matter how you got here you're here. This time last year I was projected to be in the top 20-25 players and went undrafted. I can't sit here and think about what woulda been or what coulda been because I'm here now and all I can do is compete.

Q: Do you like No. 44?

A: Nah. I asked if I could switch to 82, but they said if I make it out of the preseason I could get it. It was my high school number. I was 88 in college so I guess this is half of that, a starting point again.

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