Bites From the Apple

It's just a prediction, but don't be surprised if Brent Alexander starts the season as the free safety but it's Chris Hope who's lining up next to Troy at the end.

  • I've come to the conclusion that the make or break of this draft is Ivan Taylor. If the kid can beat out Hank Poteat, then I think it was worth giving up 3rd and 6th rounders to move in the first round. But if Taylor doesn't beat out Poteat, which means he probably doesn't make the team, then I don't know how successful you can call the draft overall. Sure, Troy Polamalu looks like the real deal and Alonzo Jackson should make the team, but just because one or two players from a draft are successful doesn't mean it was an "A" draft. Taylor making the roster makes what was generally considered a "C" draft a "B" draft. Remember I'm talking about the combined quality and quantity.
  • Unlike my colleague Mr. Drummond, I can find some "Bad" and "Ugly" at this time of the year. The Bad? Well, anyone who thinks the Steelers can play as inconsistently as they did last season and make the playoffs is kidding him or herself. The Steelers got lucky with a very weak schedule and even then at times could not win the games they were supposed to win (Houston we have a problem).
  • The Ugly? Drew Rosenhaus. I think it's sickening and brilliant all at once how he played the media, Willis McGahee, and the NFL for fools.
  • It will take the Chicago Bear fans one half of football to run the gamut of emotions with Kordell Stewart starting.
  • It's nice to hear Terance Mathis changing his tune about coming back to the Steelers. I like his style and his ability. It's also a very important development since the Steelers failed to land a wide receiver in the draft. I know that the plan would have been to move Hines Ward to the slot and Lee Mays to the outside in a 4 wide receiver set, but why screw around with what works? Mathis returning frees the Steelers of being forced to test that theory and remain deep at the wide receiver position.
  • I know this is the slowest part of the year, but look at the schedule and you'll see that, sans two or three weeks, we're looking forward to one of the most intense seasons in a long time.
  • I'm very scared about Marvel Smith at LT. It could make or break the season. It could also make or break Tommy Maddox.
  • I can't wait for the Sunday when Kendrell Bell gets his crack at Marshall Faulk. Or Priest Holmes. Or LaDanian Tomlinson. Or Clinton Portis. Or Emmitt Smith.

John Biles

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